Letters to the Editor

February 17, 2008

For the Anchorage Daily News. Aharon Sternberg (a Doctor from the Mountain View Neighborhood Health Center) writes in complaining that the health center he works for is going to close down because of a projected deficit of $250,000.

“This clinic served hundreds of patients and was one of the few facilities that accepted Medicare cliental. Now we are reading that a nonresident decided to fly a hot air balloon across the Pacific and after he disappeared, thousands upon thousands of public dollars are continually being spent in the search to find him! Why doesn’t the state use this kind of ‘extra’ available money to help re-open the clinic? Otherwise, this seems like a gross unfairness to the residents of this city and state.”

Am I to understand that Search & Rescue funds aren’t important and thus should be doled out to any other entity that is running a deficit? What kind of logic is this? How would you like it if your loved ones were lost and you were told “I’m sorry, but we don’t have funds to look for them because they were used elsewhere.”?

I’m not an expert on this clinic, but my guess that this is a private clinic and not some government run one. My question is, why should government funds be used to support a privately run organization? Does that mean that I can start a business and if it runs a deficit that I can get government funds?

And notice that interesting part about “one of the few facilities that accepted Medicare cliental.” Like I’ve mentioned before, you’ll have more problems when the government runs your health care. See previous posts for more info- I’m too lazy to retype it all.