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April 14, 2009

Democrat style.

Alaska Democrats blast Palin for travel during session

Alaska Democrats on Monday accused Republican Gov. Sarah Palin of abdicating her duties with her decision to travel outside the state this week as the Legislature’s session winds down.

She is putting her national political ambitions ahead of the needs of Alaska,” Alaska Democrat Party Chairwoman Patti Higgins said at a news conference.

And Sarah’s office had this to say:

According to the governor’s office, Palin personally informed legislative leaders of the trip and none expressed concern over it.

“During the final week of session, legislators rarely want governors around stirring things up,” Palin’s chief of staff, Mike Nizich, said in a prepared statement. “We did not anticipate that the governor’s political opponents would want their hands held in the final hours of the session.”

“It is nothing more than a politically charged shot in the dark,” he said. “We view the legislative session as a very serious state issue. This isn’t politics for us; this is Alaska’s future.”

If being gone is such a big deal, then why haven’t Dems complained about one of their own?

Interesting that they don’t mention the number of days that Ramras was absent from Juneau. In case you missed it, it was 32 days (as of April 14th) out of a 90 day legislative session. Here’s a nice visual for you:

Ramras says that “the days he missed were to attend to legislative business.”

What “legislative business” is there outside of Juneau?

But what do the people of Alaska think? Well, according to KTUU:

Unusually high number of respondents approve of Palin’s travel

by Channel 2 News staff
Monday, April 13, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — In a poll conducted by Channel 2 News, respondents were asked if they approved of Gov. Sarah Palin’s plans to travel Outside later this week as the legislative session winds down. polls typically receive between 750 and 1,500 responses, but Monday’s question got 4,539 votes.

Here is the official question and results.

Do you approve of Gov. Sarah Palin traveling Outside during the last week of the legislative session?
Yes 80 %
No 20 %

And what about trust?

I just love the way Pres. Obama brought everyone together.

It seems to me that Democrats just want to make hay out of nothing.

Governors Prayer Breakfast

March 28, 2009

The best part was Russell O’quinn giving his life’s story. He’s an interesting person. The food was ok and Sarah Palin couldn’t make it due to Mt. Redoubt erupting again. And right now ash is falling in Anchorage.



Todd Palin.


Someone (a relative of someone that walked on the moon) gave an interesting gift to Sarah. It’s a flag that actually went to the moon. And some pics. Is that awesome or what!


A view of my street and the sun with the ash cloud.


And this is ash on my vehicle.


Obama Potpourri

March 2, 2009

This is from a parade in Germany. The lady figure holding on to Obama is supposed to be the EU.


The questions I have are these:

What exactly is she holding on to?

Why is this not racist? Or a racist stereotype?

Why does the left look at the right as if they’re imagining things when they say the left treats Obama like a Messiah?

America’s worst President Ever!

He takes Bush’s position on warrantless wiretaps
He hires cronies for political appointments
He increases the deficit by a trillion or more (and that’s just his first month!)
He stops giving detainees trials
He hasn’t closed Gitmo (issued an order to try, but Bush tried too)
He will still do renditions
He wrote caveats into his own Exec Orders to still allow for torture like water-boarding
He put a guy in charge at CIA who admits to doing 60-80 renditions HIMSELF
He sent 17000 Americans to Afghanistan w no plan and no timeline for withdrawal
He has not ordered the withdrawal from Iraq in 16 months (cause its not possible to speed up the withdrawal Bush started)
He ignored millions of Americans devastated by an ice storm in Tennesee, W Virginia, and Kentucky
He has NOT HELPED the economy one bit
He has no plan to solve even a single challenge facing his admin

Oh well, at least he has a D next to his name and can read a teleprompter


There are many more in the replies, but you get the picture. Obama is Bush II.

Police: Army deserter — wearing thong — arrested in Boulder

A 21-year-old man wanted by the U.S. Army for desertion was arrested in Boulder over the weekend.

In a strange twist, he was found wearing a woman’s thong and had three pairs of women’s underpants stuffed in his shirt pocket.

How is this related to Obama? I dunno. But I’m willing to bet he voted for him.

Islamic schools ban ‘Western’ Harry Potter

article image

It has been reported that several Islamic schools in the United Kingdom are promoting fundamentalist ideology. Students are encouraged to reject Western ways.

Research shows that young students are taught to ban Western culture according to a report in the British Daily Mail newspaper.

Cricket, board games, Western music, Shakespeare and even the popular Harry Potter books are considered out of bounds.

Denis MacEoin, Professor of Islamic Studies, made a study of hundreds of websites and Islamic sties linked to schools.

MacEoin asserts that even though the anti-Western attitude applies to a small number of the hundred and twenty Islamic schools in the United Kingdom this represents a threat to social cohesion.

The research study, entitled Music, Chess and Other Sins shows that students are given a negative perspective of Western life.

Fundamentalist notions are promoted on the websites in question and some contain links to other sites that advocate jihad.

Since the research was published many of the controversial websites have been amended or removed.

We can only hope that Obama, as a Christian, will put an end to the bashing of western ideas and bring everybody together so we can all sing Kumbaya together.

‘New Europe’ Longs for Bush as Obama Turns Focus to EU, Russia

Eastern European governments that ran political risks to support former President George W. Bush’s security policies are now concerned that his successor, Barack Obama, will backtrack on those regional commitments.

Shall we add this to the list of why Obama is the worst President ever?

And finally, my prediction as to who will be unseating Obama:


Yes, Sarah Palin!!!

Liberal Bias Part MCXII

February 25, 2009

Here is a recent letter to the editor of our local fish-wrap:

Begich stimulus claims incorrect

Now that the federal stimulus bill is signed into law and the money is being offered to states, our administration is analyzing the various funding streams to determine how Alaskans can benefit without creating new or expanded programs that eventually we can’t pay for.

Suddenly, though, Sen. Mark Begich has raised the specter that I would reject all of the stimulus money and hurt Alaskans in the process. Alaskans should rest assured that where the stimulus money will help our private sector economy and provide a genuine safety net for individuals, we won’t hesitate adding it to a fiscally sustainable spending plan.

I must also set the record straight on Sen. Begich’s false claim that he has not been informed about my stance on this bill. I wrote to our congressional delegation twice on this subject, the first time solo on Jan. 7, and later joined by House Speaker Mike Chenault and Senate President Gary Stevens. My D.C. staff was in frequent communication with the senator’s staff, including face-to-face meetings and written communications.

Furthermore, Sen. Begich did not solicit our comments about the final package, and some of the changes he helped broker actually reduced federal spending in areas where we would have preferred increases — for example, a $70 million reduction in highway funds.

Alaskans expect the delegation and the administration to work together.

— Gov. Sarah Palin

You tell’em Sarah!!!

Ever get the feeling you’ll see Unicorns running across your lawn before you see liberal rags put stories that make their darling Democrat buddies look bad in big bold headlines?