Obama’s 3 Blind Sheep

October 18, 2008

Obama’s supporters support Gov. Sarah Palin! Who knew!!

Howard Stern had his people interview Obama supporters on the street, with a twist. He substitutes McCain’s policies with Obama’s and guess what? They support McCain’s policies!! So tell me, why are they voting for Obama?

But let’s look at the folks that were interviewed.

To the question “What don’t you like about McCain?”

#1: McCain seems to not really know what he’s doing right now.

#2: Well, I just don’t agree with some of his, you know, policies.

#3: Um, he sorta doesn’t sound like he’s has enough, like he does, he’s not, he’s uneducated. Because what he has, um, he has a, both of the presidents speaking. Um, he didn’t sound like he knew what he was talking about too much. Where as Obama had facts and information when he was speaking.

They complain that McCain is either ignorant, or didn’t have the facts. But all three of them are ignorant because they don’t know Obama’s policies and even worse, they don’t even know that Sarah Palin is on the ticket with McCain! What dolts!!! But yet they still support her!

This just goes to show you that Obama’s followers are just blindly following him without even understanding what Obama is for or who is even on the ticket!!

And before you say that this is some Republican trickery, Howard Stern is not a Republican.

Who do you agree with more?

September 30, 2008

Obama or McCain?

I had one for Obama and the rest for McCain.

Dear Mr. Obama

September 6, 2008

And his comment:

We have over 700 comments posted now, and approving each one has been laborous and intersting.

I promised this man’s father I would ensure that no disrepectful posts would be approved. I have kept my word.

But I have more commercials on the issues I want to create so I have to shut down the comments section.

In all, about 75% of the comments were positive and supportive, 15% were disagreeing but respectful, and 10% were ugly, demeaning, rude, and hateful. So much for HOPE.

McCain Doesn’t Know What He’s Up Against

August 19, 2008

Obama: McCain ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Up Against’

A combative Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain “doesn’t know what he’s up against” in this election and challenged his rival to stop questioning his character and patriotism.

There’s nothing wrong with questioning character. Historians are always talking about a person’s character when it comes time to analyze events.

“Our job in this election is not just ‘win,’ although I’m a big believer in winning,” Obama said during the rally. “I don’t intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against.”

An empty suit that likes to cheat to win?

“He can talk all he wants about Britney (Spears) and Paris (Hilton), but I don’t have time for that mess,” Obama said.

Right. He didn’t have time to produce a video rebuttal nor comment about it? (http://www.arguewitheveryone.com/politics-news/23663-obama-celeb-diva.html.  Obama’s campaign quickly responded with a commercial of its own, dismissing McCain’s complaints as “baloney” and “baseless.”)

Now how can he say he didn’t have time for that mess when he clearly did? (Hint-more lies)

Responding to Obama’s comments, McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said: “Barack Obama has made it clear that unconditional withdrawal in Iraq is more important to him than victory in Iraq. That’s not a criticism of his patriotism, that’s a criticism of his judgment.”


Obama strongly condemned Russia’s actions Tuesday but said U.S. involvement in Iraq had imperiled its ability to take a leadership role in the matter.

Right. Never take any military action against another country because if something else were to pop up, you’d be ‘imperiled’. Talk about bad judgement!