The best reason to vote for Hillary

January 28, 2008

Is right here.

Speaking of the dirtbag, the New York chapter of NOW says Kennedy has betrayed women by endorsing Obama.

Would the NAACP or the poverty pimps of Sharpton/Jackson ilk have said the same if he endorsed Hillary? I wish I had a dime for every time the race/sex card will be played in this election. And the amazing thing is how ugly it has been and it just between the Democrats! Those wingnuts must be enjoying the hell out of this. I say it only makes our country look bad when we bicker like this. And I’d like to point out that the stereotype of Republicans playing the race card ought to be buried. It’s politics. Everybody plays whatever card they can to win.

The losers are and have always been John & Jane Q. Public.

With the way the candidates have been acting, I’d say that the politicians aren’t really ready for a black/female President. And with the polling in South Carolina (see previous post) it doesn’t look like the country is either. I say that because it appears to me that too many people were polarized in saying that we are ready for the characteristics of the person they are voting for, but not for the other candidate. Most people should have said that they were ready for both choices, not just the one they liked.

Just a reminder- it’s not just the Republicans that are biased, most people/groups are.