Hypocrisy from the Right

February 4, 2008

Yes, it goes both ways.

Romney to Huckabee: No Whining

Mitt Romney on Monday told Republican rival Mike Huckabee to quit “whining” after Huckabee accused Romney of trying to suppress turnout on Super Tuesday.

You’re on the wrong side for whining.

Huckabee’s accusation followed Romney’s remarks to FOX News last week, in which the former Massachusetts governor said: “A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain, and if they want John McCain as their nominee … that’s exactly what the vote would do.”

Huckabee then cast Romney’s comment as an attempt to keep voters from going to the polls.

“If you try to discourage people from voting for somebody, what else would you call it? Isn’t voter suppression when you try to keep people from voting a certain way, by anybody’s definition? … Isn’t that voter suppression, suppressing the vote, pushing it down, keeping people from feeling comfortable and going and making a vote? I think that’s exactly what it is,” Huckabee told reporters during a stop in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Monday.

But Romney, speaking in Atlanta, dismissed the charge, saying Huckabee has misused the term.

So where’s the hypocrisy? Right here:

“If you know somebody that’s not going to vote for me, let the air out of their tires Saturday.”

Some supporters state that he was only joking. You can watch and decide for yourself. I say he isn’t. I see no smile, nor do I hear a laugh. Nothing funny about it. Even if he was joking, it still makes him look bad because he made such a big deal about it with Romney. If it’s that serious of a subject, should you be joking about it during election season?