Who is your hero?

January 19, 2008

Harry Potter is ‘the wrong kind of hero’ according to the Vatican

Excuse me?

The Vatican condmened JK Rowling’s Harry Potter today describing the teen wizard as “the wrong kind of hero.” In a lengthy article in the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, headlined: “The double face of Harry Potter” it said it was wrong to compare Rowling’s books with the other childrens greats such as Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia.

The attack comes after the Potter series was also slammed by Pope Benedict XVI who said the seven books contained “subtle seductions” that undermined children’s religious development by blurring the line between good and evil.

“Despite several positive values that can be found in the story, at the foundations of this tale is the proposal that of witchcraft as positive, the violent manipulation of things and people thanks to the knowledge of the occult, an advantage of a select few: the ends justify the means because the knowledgeable, the chosen ones, the intellectuals know how to control the dark powers and turn them into good.

“This a grave and deep lie, because it is the old Gnostic temptation of confusing salvation and truth with a secret knowledge.”

L’Osservatore did admit that Potter was “rich in Christian values, he is an industrious and scientific magician.

They talk like she was supposed to be pushing for Christian values. Did you ever think that she could have been trying to push good values in a different way? Or maybe she just wanted to write a story that she thought people would like? She speaks a great deal about how people treat those that are different from them. Whether they be fellow humans or servants. I like that line about how you can get a good measure of someone’s character- it’s not by how they treat their equals, but by how they treat those that are under them. We can all learn from these messages, no?

So far I’ve never heard anyone leave their Church to become a witch. So I don’t know why they get their feathers all ruffled.