But what about your actions?

February 17, 2008

China concerned by U.S. satellite missile plan

 China is concerned by U.S. plans to shoot down an ailing spy satellite and is considering what “preventative measures” to take, the Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

“The Chinese government is paying close attention to how the situation develops and demands the U.S. side fulfill its international obligations and avoids causing damage to security in outer space and of other countries,” spokesman Liu Jianchao said.

“Relevant departments in China are closely watching the situation and studying preventive measures,” Liu said in a brief statement posted on the Foreign Ministry’s Web site (www.fmprc.gov.cn).

Excuse me? “Preventive measures”? What about your test last year? You did your test without notifying the world community and yet you complain about us? What gives you that right?

I say Screw China and that we should stop buying from them as much as we can. You know that ‘rebate’ that you’ll be getting? Make sure none of it goes overseas. Remember, it’s supposed to stimulate OUR economy!!!