What would happen if you ban guns?

May 26, 2008

Drop knives, Harry Potter actor’s family pleads

THE grief-stricken parents of the Harry Potter actor stabbed to death outside a London bar yesterday made a TV plea for youths to stop carrying knives.

Robert Knox’s father warned: “With knives there are no winners, only losers.”

“If you are a person who carries a knife, think about the consequences and, for my son’s sake, don’t do it,” Colin Knox said.

Rob had just finished work on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, due out in November.

He had a minor role as student wizard Marcus Belby, but was to appear in the next Potter film.

His parents said they hoped their son’s fame would focus attention on London’s worsening knife culture.

Mr Knox, 55, who works in media production, said: “If it serves that purpose, then Robert will have done something else exceptional.”

You can ban guns, but you’ll just have people getting killed by some other method. Look at the Middle East, you can get stoned to death over there. South Africa? I hear getting ‘necklaced’ is back in style. What is ‘necklaced’? Basically, someone puts a tire around your neck and fills the inside with a flammable liquid and sets it afire. Cool, eh?

It’s always sad to see a kid with a future dying. I grew up with a kid that got into a fight and fell down and hit his head and ended up dying. It was accidental but it’s still sad. Even though the guy was a jerk, it’s just not the way or time to go.