And you wonder why I support Capital Punishment?

February 2, 2008

Baby Killer

Texas Baby Murder Suspect Arrested in Pennsylvania

The father of a 3-month-old boy who was found murdered near the Galveston seawall turned himself into police in Pennsylvania, saying he intentionally murdered the boy by repeatedly stomping on him, MyFOXHouston reports.

Travis Mullis told Pennsylvania investigators he repeatedly stomped on the 3-month-old until he felt his skull collapse, according to an official Galveston Police Department document. 

He had is chance at life and screwed it up big time. I don’t care why he did it, nor do I feel sorry for him. And I see no reason why this scumbag needs to be supported by my taxes.

Off with his head!

Or not? The baby was just 3 months old. Is it really that horrible of a crime? Only 3 months past the arbitrary date when you can legally kill your child. Sure, what’s the big difference between 9 months and 12 months past the date of conception? Just a few extra pounds and a few extra inches longer, right? It still is totally defenseless and depends on us completely for nutrition.

What are the real differences between an abortion and what this guy did? It is legal to kill as long as it still in the mothers womb. I guess it’s true about what they say about location being everything. What I learn from this is a child’s life within the womb is worthless, outside it is precious.

Maybe the rules ought to be changed? Since men don’t have a womb, shouldn’t they be allowed some time (9 months?) to decide whether or not to kill the child? This would make it equal for both sexes! No more discriminating against men!!!

I don’t understand why Democrats get all bent out of shape if they don’t have the right to kill an innocent baby, yet get their panties all twisted in a wad if someone wants to cleanse society of the evil scum that murder the innocent in cold blood (i.e. Capital Punishment).

Only innocent babies can die?

And don’t give me the “men shouldn’t have a say in abortion” crap. The baby is HALF ours! We DO have a right when it belongs to us too! After all, we do have to pay child support for it. Then we do have EVERY right to have a say in the matter. We cannot have the responsibility without the rights.

At least I want justice to be served on the guilty.