May 30, 2009

And have a good evening!


I was driving down the road and came across these kids. Sometimes you see the strangest things in town! There is a kid at another corner that dances by the side of the road. Why? Well, one day his car broke down and he was waiting for a ride. So to keep warm, he danced. And he had so much fun, and others liked it, he never quit.

Mt. Redoubt Blows! (Again!)

March 27, 2009

Redoubt erupts; ash falling on Kenai Peninsula

Redoubt erupted twice this morning, including a huge explosion at 9:24 that sent a cloud of ash to 65,000 feet, higher than any since the mountain came to life on Sunday night.

So far, no ash in Anchorage!


Yes, the quality is sub-par but I’m new at the tools used to do this.

Pipe Bombs in Anchorage!

February 17, 2009

Police find 4 pipe bombs in traffic stop

Federal agents are questioning two men after a routine early morning traffic stop in East Anchorage turned up four pipe bombs in their car.

Around 3 a.m., an officer pulled over an Oldsmobile sedan for a missing driver’s-side mirror, police said. During the stop, the officer ran the name of the driver and the passenger and discovered the passenger was on probation for a drug offense, according to Anchorage Police Lt. Dave Koch.

The officer then called his probation officer, and the probation officer authorized a search of the car — something probation and parole officers can do without a warrant.

That’s when police found the pipe bombs between the front seats and in a box on the back seat.

This happened just a few blocks from my house too!

No word on whether terrorists, Al-Qaeda, William Ayers, Chavez, Democrats, librarians, PETA, Nuns, Morman Tabernacle Choir, Code Pink, Basketball Jones, or my son is involved.

Sorry, I get tired of hearing whether or not terrorists/Al-Qaeda is involved everytime some idiot gets caught with explosives or an accident happens.