Denali Park Trip

September 24, 2011

I took lots of pics but too many to put here. This is just a sample of what we saw.

Christopher and Jordan looking for animals.


Wolves or Coyotes. Can’t remember which.

It’s interesting to see how different the mountains can look, even when they are close to each other.

Not so close to the edge!!!

I tried a different camera angle. Interesting?

This is a Grey Jay. Also known as a camp robber. They’ll steal food right off your plate.

Arctic Ground Squirrel. Aren’t they adorable! They are the largest of the ground squirrels.

Jays, squirrels and bears! Oh my!!! And this is with my 60mm lens too.

Mmmm, berries….

Dall Sheep. We used Christopher’s 600mm lens on them.

Nice of them to show-off for us.

I really, really hate roads that are 1-lane, gravel, have sharp turns with no guardrails and a steep drop-off.

Seriously, who designs roads that induces heart-attacks? I now know why we don’t have amusement parks here in Alaska. We don’t need them. If you want the daylights scared out of you, just go for a drive. If the roads don’t do the trick, the idiot drivers will.

Pikachu! Well, almost. It’s a Pika. This is at sunset with my 60mm lens.

Always a blade of grass or something that just has to mess up the picture.

Christopher riding the mechanical bear at the pub next to our room.

They even let Jordan take a ride!

That’s all for now. Sure hope you’ve enjoyed the pics!