Summer Pics (part duex?)

July 24, 2011

The latest batch.

Not sure what this thing is, but it’s not easy getting close to them.

The hardest part about digital photography is getting the pictures adjusted for color/contrast and such. Same subject for these next two, but different results. (Used auto-adjust on both)

I’ve been trying to get more action shots. I like this one, could be a bit sharper….

I sat down by some geese and this one walked up to me. Does he look hungry or what?

Same bird, different angle. Now to photoshop some fake name with numbers and it’ll look like a mug shot sequence.

Look closely at this next one. There are two birds. The mother has the baby mostly hidden beneath her wing. I didn’t see any other babies, odd how ducks and geese lay lots of eggs but grebe’s only have one?

Another creature that’s hard to get close to. And the grass always seems to get in the way….

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed them. Comments and suggestions always welcomed.

Weekend Pics!

July 4, 2011

A belted white-face dragonfly.

Mystery Pic. Can you guess what it is?
(you’ll never get it so I’ll tell you right now- you’re wrong.)

And “The Letter F” is wrong too.

Found in the photo lab at UAA: