More Sunshine Means….



Ok, it’s not my best bee pic but I liked how fluffy the bee looked.


It’s overexposed but I liked the starburst pattern.


This one is nice and clear.


And this one is not.


Trying to get two droplets in one pic.


I like the starbursts on this one too.


You can see the sun in this one. That sap sticking out of this looks strange.


This one looks most unusual. Almost like an egg.

And now for the creepy pics:


Here’s looking at you!


Help me!


Creepy spider and creepy shadow! Score!!

I could’ve had a moose pic but it was hiding too much, and I didn’t have my camera when I saw a fox, and the blue jays were too fast for me, the bald eagle was too far from me, and the salmon wouldn’t pose for me. But maybe next time….

Anyways, that’s it for now. Place your vote for best pic!


One Response to More Sunshine Means….

  1. Faude says:

    I need you to come over and take a picture of the leaves on my lilac bush. Something is on them that is making them curl up into little cups. I’ve never seen this before. It’s either a bug or fungus. Either way, I think I have to spray.

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