Governor’s Picnic

We went to the annual Governor’s Picnic in Anchorage today. Sarah Palin served us lunch and I took a few pics.


It was a long line! One girl asked if the whole city was here, and another pointed out that they’ve never seen so many people show up for the picnic. A testement to Sarah’s popularity?


They had all sorts of costumed characters.


Smokey Bear! My hero! As a side note, the previous two pics show kids from the Challenge program at the Alaska Military Youth Academy. My daughter will be going there this fall.


Buddy the blood drop. Or something like that! Donate blood!!!


Lots of people!


Lots of people were standing around trying to get a picture of Sarah.


It’s Sarah! Not sure who the other two are….


She shook everyone’s hand. Very nice and polite to everyone!


They had this poster and a few other items they handed out. Cool pic!

And unfortunately, they had two people that had to spoil the fun:




Iceholes? You make the call!

3 Responses to Governor’s Picnic

  1. liberaldude says:

    Bah, Bye Sarah, you loser

  2. Gawfer says:

    If she was such a looser, then how could she unite an entire state the way she did?

    My Cousins live in Cordova, and according to them, the general concensus is great admiration and respect for Sarah.

    There will always be fleas on a dog’s butt, but at least they were exposed at your picnic. Hopfully, you sprayed a little repelent and the went scurrying off. Great Pics, Zoomie.

  3. frznagn says:

    Losers don’t attract the throngs of people that she does. And only two iceholes out of thousands? You’d think there would be hordes of protesters but there weren’t.

    And what have you accomplished in life? Are you an expert on loser’s because you’re one of them?

    We all can see past your facade. You’re scared of her. She believes you should work to get things in life. You believe in sucking off the government’s teat because you can’t provide for yourself.

    Plenty of people have ‘quit’ their positions and gone on to greater things. Didn’t Bill Gates quit college? You’ve heard of him, right? And with great liberal mindlessness, you will proceed to berate me for comparing college to elected office and completely miss the point I’m trying to make. Which of course, proves I’m correct about your mental abilities.

    Yup, it’s much better to spend your time complaining about someone leaving office than to complain about someone spending our country into bankruptcy. Oh, the priorities you lefties have!!!

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