Jesse Kelly for Congress!

July 19, 2009

How can you NOT support someone with a picture like this?


It takes a lot of guts to put a picture of you with a gun in a political ad! Most people settle for a nice suit and tie.

Some of his beliefs:

Congress must get spending under control.  Our nation did not become great through the interference and control of a centralized government in Washington.

For too long our borders have remained unsecured with drugs and violence pouring in at an alarming rate.

Tort reform must begin now in order to bring health care costs under control.

I ask this question too, can you send a warrior to Congress?

Attacks against Sarah Palin

July 19, 2009

Liberals should be so proud of themselves.

Just a sample of ‘questions’ found in the politics section of Yahoo! Answers:

By Fred M- What language was Sarah Palin speaking when she rambled on about her reasons for quitting? Was it eskimo?

Are you that ignorant where you do not recognize English?

Best answer: Hilarious to watch how pathetic Liberals can get by taking a shot at Palin then unbelievably think Obama is doing a good job .You really need to be held back in the Second grade. Again! This time pay attention.

By Fred M- Are Sarah, Bristol and Willow competing for the “sluttiest Palin award”?

Classy, eh? Just when you thought libs couldn’t sink any lower.

Best answer (humor):  They haven’t got a chance. Yo’ Mama is sure to win.

By Back- If Palin was VP or President, how many ethics complaints will it take for her to answer to ‘a higher calling’?

The system is different for President so this is a moot issue.

Best answer (tie): Can you cite one valid ethics charge? Or just the legal harassment she has had to endure? Lies and smears. How Liberals get things done

And: How much of your money are you going to let Obama take from you without complaining?

By Fred M- Does Quitting before her term is up add another qualification to Sarah Palin’s resume for being President…?

Obviously you don’t understand what is going on.

Best answer: Unlike most politicians today, she has taken the honorable step of resigning her political post to begin campaigning for higher office (so she does not take pay to be Governor while running for U.S. Senate or the Presidency).

By Brad-If Sarah Palin has nothing to hide, why is she angry about her email accounts being hacked?

Oh, we all just love to have our privacy violated. No? Then why was the left so upset about Bush and his eavesdropping against foreign phone calls? Do they have something to hide? Why the hypocrisy?

Best answer: Wouldn’t you be upset if somebody hacked your e-mail ? Say no and that makes you a liar. Its human nature to be upset, and she’s no different than you or me or anybody else. And look who the apparent hacker was…the son of a democrat politician ! Oh, what a surprise !!! Wouldn’t be surprised to find out the politician hacked it and let his kid take the fall for it ! That would be typical. Only thing I would say is where is your outrage against the hacker ?After all, it wasn’t Palin who violated federal law and committed a felony here. Your entire train of thought here is ridiculous.—-RN

By Shoeless Joe-Why does Sarah Palin want President Obama to spend money on building a Nuclear Shield around Alaska?

Gosh, it couldn’t have anything to do with her living in Alaska? Sure, it does benefit Alaskans, but millions of other people too! Are you saying you’d feel better without having a Nuclear Shield?

Best answer: Anyone who knows even a little about missiles and ballistics knows Alaska is the perfect spot to deploy interceptors to protect the western half of America for attack, not just Alaska.

And they even stoop so low as to insult her with their ‘clever’ names.

By $arah is NOT Trigs mommy: How come $arah is so “popular”?

If this is any indication of the quality of education in our country then we are doomed. And you wondered what kind of person would vote for Obama? Seemingly, the ignorant, hateful and hypocrital.