Newest Pics

Standard blather, click for high resolution image.


I did a night time long exposure with the aperture set at f32. The star effect on the lights are natural. The shorter exposures didn’t produce them. Must do some research on this phenomenon. Also, the moon was a real cool orangish-red and the long exposure over-exposed it.


It’s not a bee but it sure has some similarities. Bee wannabe?


One of these days I’ll learn the names of the things I take pics of! So for now, I’ll just title this ‘Red Flower’. Original, eh?


I tell ya, if I got any closer I’d be on the other side. I swear I hit its tail with my lens as I was trying to get this shot. Notice the texture on the eyes? Yes, it’s mostly blurry. I wanted to close the aperture some more but the sun was setting and the light wasn’t that strong.


This one was up high in a tree. I had to aim high (Air Force pun intended) and hope I had it framed and the auto-focus worked.

2 Responses to Newest Pics

  1. Mixter says:

    Good stuff! I especially like the bee wannabee!


  2. frznagn says:


    I’ve never been stung by a bee and my mother is allergic to them. I’m really playing with fire by getting this close to them! Every now and then they start buzzing all over me. I need to get a lens that doesn’t get three inches away from the subject!

    Kinda scary.

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