Donate for a Good Cause!

May 30, 2009

That’s right, none of that mamby-pamby stuff like AIDS and Cancer!


You can’t see it because the money is in the way, but the phone number is 33-MOOSE. And the website is

And did you catch the name of the vehicle? “Moose Force One”!

Here’s a pic from their website:

You know, I think I have! Is this her?


You know, I’d be happy if they could keep them off the bike trials too!


May 30, 2009

And have a good evening!


I was driving down the road and came across these kids. Sometimes you see the strangest things in town! There is a kid at another corner that dances by the side of the road. Why? Well, one day his car broke down and he was waiting for a ride. So to keep warm, he danced. And he had so much fun, and others liked it, he never quit.

It’s Cujo!

May 30, 2009


Ok, not really. It’s my neighbor’s dog. The asshat has three dogs that have nothing better to do than bark.

Sometimes I just really hate dog owners!

BTW, does anyone know a good way to stop the dogs from barking? Legally, of course!