Governors Prayer Breakfast

The best part was Russell O’quinn giving his life’s story. He’s an interesting person. The food was ok and Sarah Palin couldn’t make it due to Mt. Redoubt erupting again. And right now ash is falling in Anchorage.



Todd Palin.


Someone (a relative of someone that walked on the moon) gave an interesting gift to Sarah. It’s a flag that actually went to the moon. And some pics. Is that awesome or what!


A view of my street and the sun with the ash cloud.


And this is ash on my vehicle.


4 Responses to Governors Prayer Breakfast

  1. darwin says:

    Nice pics frznagn! Too bad you couldn’t get pics of the Gov.

    Don’t worry about the volcano … my sources tell me Al Gore is having Congress implement a “volcano tax” on all volcanoes because of all the heat and CO2 they put out. Mt. Redoubt simply won’t be able to afford the taxes and will stop erupting.

    Man … that Al Gore! What a guy!

  2. frznagn says:

    Thx! My auto-focus lens wouldn’t focus on Todd very well. Too much movement around him.

    Yeah, Al Gore, he’s my hero. The only thing worse than ‘global warming’ is global cooling. Hard to grow your food when it’s sub-zero outside!

  3. frznagn says:

    Obviously, you have nothing positive to offer here. Take your ‘sarcasm’ elsewhere. The only thing stopping me from deleting your posts is that I want everyone to see why you are being banned.

    I enjoy a good honest conversation, regardless of your political stance. Most of my posts are on liberal blogs, and yes I am welcome there! Sure, I’m a Christian, but it doesn’t stop me from consorting with Atheists and Agnostics. And I don’t push my religious beliefs down their throats either. If they want to rot in hell… just kidding! Seriously, I’ve given you plenty of chances to be civil and you refuse.

    You are hereby officially banned from this blog. Don’t bother replying or posting again. I won’t even take the time to read what you have to say. You opinion is worth less than the hair on a gnat’s ass.

    Goodbye, and good riddance.

  4. frznagn says:

    For those that don’t know, Elroy has posted three times since being banned.

    What part of “Don’t bother replying or posting again.” don’t you understand?

    There are a bazillion blogs that you can go to and tarnish, so don’t just sit there- GO!!!

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