Barack Teleprompter

President Obama finally gave a speech WITHOUT a teleprompter! But he did have a huge monitor in the back of the room with his speech on it. Does this mean he’s weaning himself off of them or is his vision going on him?

You know what’s ironic about this? One of his doting bloggers kept complaining about McCain using a teleprompter during the election. She even nicknamed him ‘Johnny McTeleprompter’! And now she has the gall to say:

George Bush used a teleprompter, Sarah Palin used a teleprompter, John McCain used a teleprompter…..I mean, really, what is it with the wingers and their sudden disapproval of President Obama using a teleprompter? Huh?

Obama/McCain debate

The wrath of David Letterman continues against Johnny McTeleprompter!

I don’t think John McCain knows the difference between Viagra and birth control

Oh nevermind. You can’t even hear me ask the questions…let alone…answer them without your teleprompter which we know you’re having a hard time working at the moment! Maybe some Viagra for that thang?

And he thinks he’s the best choice to be in the White House? Wow.

So how’s that fellow you supported doing? LOL! And Obama’s had his share of teleprompter problems too!

And to top it off, she said this too:

For those doing the Teleprompter Watch: President Obama will be using a teleprompter for the introduction and then will be fielding questions from the media without the use of the teleprompter.

Emphasis mine. Wow! He answers his own questions! Amazing! Obama is soooo awesome!!

So, how does it feel to lower your standards to meet the realization that Obama just isn’t as good of an orator that you thought he was?

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