King Salmon Plane Crash, 1985

I was stationed at King Salmon AFS, in Alaska,  in 1985 when an (then) unknown aircraft crashed on approach. The details were quickly hushed up and rumors were whispered about since there was a lack of facts to discuss.

I’ve done a few searches and found nothing about it, until today. According to Aviation Safety Network, the aircraft was a C-47B, flying from Homer to King Salmon. It was owned by Northern Peninsula Fisheries.

I find it odd that something like this was hushed up. Does anyone else know more information about this?

17 Responses to King Salmon Plane Crash, 1985

  1. Ron says:

    King Salmon is still in operation? I was stationed there from March 1963 to April 1964. Just happened to come across this message as I was thinking about Alaska and King Salmon. My wife wants to cruise Alaska but I tell her I spent as much time in Alaska as I wanted to.
    While there we lost two airman who went fishing and their boat overturned and they froze to death (hypothermia)another lost his thumb in an accident while using a winch so I don’t have pleasant memories from my time there and also the earthquake of March 1964 occurred while I was there.

    • bill matterfis says:

      hey i was stationed at king salmon from feb. 63 to feb. 64. i don’t have many fond memories either. still have unplesant dreams about the place. bill matterfis

    • carroll j phifer says:

      Ron, i hope one day you read this,looks like you wrote this way back in 2009. I thought you might find it interesting i was at king salmon april 64 to april65, you left and i came. I was an in the Air police. I have fond memories of the place and guys.

  2. frznagn says:

    As far as I can tell, they closed King Salmon. I think civilians are operating the radar.

    Sorry you had so many bad experiences here. Alaska is still pretty wild and dangerous in many ways. Make your wife happy and take a cruise up here! You’ll enjoy it!

    The worst thing to happen while I was there was one guy on my load crew got busted for cocaine. Stupid schmuck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Found this site. says the base close in 1993

  4. Tom says:

    I was stationed at King Salmon from Sep 65 through Sep 66. I was an Air Policeman. I greatly enjoyed the fishing but did not enjoy the cold and ice. There were definitely hazards in and around the King but most times the problems were brought on by careless behavior. I and my buddy, Dennis W. McCartney from Portland, Oregon, got drunked up and went bear hunting one morning armed with 22 cal. pistol side arms. A few miles from the site, we found fresh (still steaming in the cold early morning air) bear droppings and an area in the tundra that was mashed down from where the bear had spent the night. For some reason, just the sight of those two things caused us both to sober up real quick and hot foot it back to the site. The 22 pistols would have just ade the bear mad.

    All in all, except from being a whole year away from the wife and babies, I enjoyed my stay at the King. Especially the fishing.

    • jack perkins says:


      • frznagn says:

        That was long before my time. I didn’t go in until 1981.

        • Gater says:

          I was there July “80 through Sep ‘8, enjoyed the fishing & hunting. Even worked for Col Woodzy as a guide for a little while.

          • Ron Randolph says:

            I was there may ’80- dec ’80. I guided for woodzy a little myself. I was in fire protection. I got out early because my daughter was sick. sent me to Wichita to McConnell afb. we might of known each other. I don’t remember hardly anyone

  5. frznagn says:

    I didn’t do any fishing. I went out but the bugs were too much for me. I did take some pictures. Google maps should have a couple of mine.

  6. Stoney says:

    I was stationed at King Salmon AFS, in ’83-’84 as a Fire Fighter.I really enjoyed my stay-I even tried to extend,but was told I’d have to go to Anchorage for a Evaluation because it was a remote site.But I did bring back many pictures,including aerial photos of the site taken from a UH-1.Bob Hope & Family came for a visit.I’d love to go back someday. If an aircraft went down & was Hushed up-I’d be talking to a FireFighter,who was there.

  7. TAKeller says:

    I was at King Salmon AFS from 01-79 to 01-80 and enjoyed every minute I was there, sure do wish that I could go back and stay there. I was a
    SP while stationed there. Even the cold, freezing winters had their own special beauty.

  8. Tommie Young says:

    Jack, tell me more about Sgt Jack Casey. I seem to remember one of the security police flight sergeants named Casey, but not sure we’re talking about the same guy.

  9. Edward R. Franklin says:

    I was stationed (A/2c Scope Dope) at the 705th AC&W Squadron 10/1957 to 10/1958 right from Keesler AFB. I enjoyed the year tour and had time to think about my future. Lots of wild animals – wolves, bears, coyotes; when leaving the enclosure there was a standing order that you had to have a buddy with you and both of you armed: was a court martial offense if caught. City of King Salmon was off limits because drunken airmen would get rolled and robbed by the fishermen. I was used to the cold and snow as my home was Norwalk, Ohio on Lake Erie. Finished my enlistment at Geiger Field AFB, Spokane, Wa., and McChord AFB, Parkland, Wa. Great 4 years.

    King Salmon is still open under caretaker control; our troops use it for training missions.

  10. Guys,I was stationeat the King 74/75,l was in Food Service,worked the Alert Cells,a friend I remember well,Tomikyo we were in the cells the day a Russian aircraft buzzed the cells.A lot of memories from the King. Charlie MicEwen

  11. Charlie Eaton says:

    Was there in 1964 with some F-106s, chasing bears (not the kind with four legs the ones with wings). Food was always good, powdered milk not so good, played a lot of Ping-Pong, read more, scrambles were exciting and often. It was like being a fireman of which I became after the Air Force. It was great duty in Alaska.

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