Liberal Bias Part MCXII

Here is a recent letter to the editor of our local fish-wrap:

Begich stimulus claims incorrect

Now that the federal stimulus bill is signed into law and the money is being offered to states, our administration is analyzing the various funding streams to determine how Alaskans can benefit without creating new or expanded programs that eventually we can’t pay for.

Suddenly, though, Sen. Mark Begich has raised the specter that I would reject all of the stimulus money and hurt Alaskans in the process. Alaskans should rest assured that where the stimulus money will help our private sector economy and provide a genuine safety net for individuals, we won’t hesitate adding it to a fiscally sustainable spending plan.

I must also set the record straight on Sen. Begich’s false claim that he has not been informed about my stance on this bill. I wrote to our congressional delegation twice on this subject, the first time solo on Jan. 7, and later joined by House Speaker Mike Chenault and Senate President Gary Stevens. My D.C. staff was in frequent communication with the senator’s staff, including face-to-face meetings and written communications.

Furthermore, Sen. Begich did not solicit our comments about the final package, and some of the changes he helped broker actually reduced federal spending in areas where we would have preferred increases — for example, a $70 million reduction in highway funds.

Alaskans expect the delegation and the administration to work together.

— Gov. Sarah Palin

You tell’em Sarah!!!

Ever get the feeling you’ll see Unicorns running across your lawn before you see liberal rags put stories that make their darling Democrat buddies look bad in big bold headlines?

6 Responses to Liberal Bias Part MCXII

  1. frznagn says:

    It’s not the ‘courage of her convictions’, it’s your style.

  2. Mixter says:

    Gosh, how sad to be banned from a site with “screw liberals” as its URL… 😀

    I like, Jenn, actually. She’s plucky!


  3. frznagn says:

    I looked around and didn’t see anything where she said that he was banned. Me thinks it’s a misunderstanding.

    I visit her site every day. It can be quite interesting. She certainly knows how to attract some interesting characters.

  4. frznagn says:

    “Oh. You mean how I’m so erudite,…”


    “and, when cornered, resorts to some nasty invective and a vicious turn of phrase”

    Liberals hate it when others act like them.

    “There are very few posters that dare to run a line contrary to the conservative group-think love-in and mutual reinforcement society that is”

    She allows far more to post contrary views than liberal sites like Dailykos. Perhaps if you actually spent some time on lefty sites like White Noise Insanity then you’d see the nutjobs that dominate your side. Yep, those Kode Pink and MoveOn folks corner the market on radicalism. But it’s ok to you. You only care about finding some way, no matter how minor, to show fault in those that don’t think like you. Just ignore those flaming fanatics on your side, they don’t mean anything, right?

    “as long as conservatives fail to understand why they are such electoral poison,”

    And we can see your hate in this post. As long as the other side fails then everything is grand! You’d rather see the world go to pot as long as they share your views. Nice guy you are. You get the Mother Theresa Face-Palm award of the day. Congrats!

  5. frznagn says:

    “Well what then?”

    I’ve already stated this before.

    “I thought you guys were all about the individual, but here you are holding me responsible for the sins of others.”

    And you lump me in with ‘you guys’ while complaining about holding you responsible for others. Hmm, can’t see the pot/kettle problem here?

    “What does that book say? ‘Do unto others’ etc etc?

    Always amusing when the anti-religious quote the Bible.

    “And apart from that, whatever happened to turning the other cheek? I know you have trouble with this concept,”

    I don’t see how you think I have trouble with this. And besides, from what I understand, most people misinterpret this quote and it appears you are one of them.

    “That is nothing to do with it – sure, there are nutters everywhere, but what they do is no concern of mine. ”

    Well, you fooled me!

    “although you provide no evidence that this is the case”

    No evidence is needed. Just go to their site and you’ll see. Am I supposed to link to individual posts and tally the responses? Give me a break!

    “yet I was banned for merely discussing. ”

    Your definition of ‘merely discussing’ is amusing.

    “No, it’s irrelevant to me.”

    So, the vast quantity of nutjobs on your side don’t concern you? You remind me of the Germans that didn’t care what Hitler did. As long as they had what they wanted, Hitler could do as he pleases. I suppose if you set your standards low enough then you’ll be happy.

    “I am showing fault with the dominant paradigm, with the champions of the status quo. What is wrong with that?”

    You’re very selective. Let me clarify that. You only select the ones that belong on the right. Right now the ‘dominant paradigm’ is to spend money to get out of the recession. Where are your pithy comments on that? Since it’s the left that is drowning us in debt you become silent. Again, the left can do no wrong. With standards like that, how can anyone take what you say with any amount of seriousness?

    “That’s what political debate is!”

    Debating for debates sake is non-productive.

    “Why is that a problem?”

    Because you ignore the left. There are problems with both sides, or better yet, the way the system is intertwined. But if you only look at one side then you’ll never arrive at the truth or find a solution. You therefore are wasting your time and destroying your credibility.

    “No. You are not responsible for the actions of others and neither am I.”

    I did not state anything about responsibility for another’s actions. It’s your silence that is the problem. I do believe that the left complains about how the Catholic Church was too silent on the issue of Hitler’s atrocities. So it’s ok to hold the Church responsible for Hitler’s actions? This is the policy of the left. But it is only applied to the right! That’s the absurdity of it! Hypocrisy at it’s grandest!

    “You may not have noticed this, but y’all lost an election.”

    No, it was bought and paid for by the left. Did you not pay attention to the staggering sums collect by Obama? Why is it that large amounts collected by the right get the negative connotation “War Chest” and not the left? What does this mean? The left is the only one that can raise large sums without it looking bad? Strange standards you have.

    “The people have spoken and they rejected your philosophy.”

    Actually, no. Did you not see the video of Obama’s supporters agreeing with McCain’s policies (thinking they were really Obama’s policies)? Or that they didn’t mind that Sarah Palin was his VP? Do you really think the masses were educated on the issues? One of my friends voted for Obama just because she saw a few minutes of one debate and wasn’t impressed by the way McCain spoke. Not a policy issue. It was a personal issue. And you can bet there are many more. You are too blinded by prejudice to see the truth.

    “I’m sorry if my turn of phrase offended your delicate sensibilities ”

    Your first two words are correct.

    “Actually, this is the current GOP policy, as spelled out by its leader Rush ‘I hope he fails!’ Limbaugh.”

    Mr. Context takes this out of context. Wow. Am I shocked!

    “They care not a whit for the misery they might cause in the process, just so long as they can regain power and a seat on the gravy train.”

    Tell me about this in the context of Barack “Spendzilla” Obama. Oh, I do await how you’re going to tear him apart! But you’ll find a way to make him a hero and blame Bush for everything! Don’t even bother, I’ll just know you’ve succumbed fully to the mantra of the left.

  6. frznagn says:


    Oh, you want to play that game?

    Your post: Whatever.

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