Ghost Pic

I’m having fun with my Nikon. I made my son look like a ghost. Whaddya think?


No, I didn’t use photoshop. Here’s how you do it. Put the subject in a dark room and take a picture using a long exposure of about 15 seconds. Use a separate flash and flash the subject once. Have the subject move out of the picture and flash once or twice more. To keep the shadows even, flash in the same spot each time. To get an erie look, flash the subect from below. You can flash the subect in different poses to get twin ghosts. Try it out and have fun! Oh, and for the advance users- use colored lights on or around the subject for effect. Also note any lights that may be in the pic. Things like the clock above can get over-exposed.

2 Responses to Ghost Pic

  1. See that kind of explanation is why I prefer my nice little auto digital camera.

  2. frznagn says:

    I do have Auto mode but to really unleash the power you have to change things and experiment!

    Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my Sony Cybershot but I really like SLR’s! You have a much larger lens which lets in more light and you can control the aperture to get the right depth-of-field. And best of all, you don’t lose any quality by zooming!!

    Yes, they’re spendy but well worth it for those hardcore photo buffs!

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