What happened to the ‘new’ Colorblind Society?

Didn’t Obama run his campaign without his race being an important factor? Didn’t he want everyone to look beyond race? Wasn’t Obama’s election to the Presidency a sign that race doesn’t matter any more? Didn’t MLK move us in a direction where we do not judge one another based on characteristics such as race?

What happened?

Why do we get people that isolate factors by race and use old stereotypes?

Of all the kids that he could use, he picks the black one. Why is it that Delta “can’t be cut from the trip”? And she’s waited three years! But haven’t the others? Why is she more special than the others? Last I knew, PE Obama is going to be the President of ALL of us.

Why doesn’t somebody just come out and say it… since Obama is the first black President, all white folks ought to stay home to make more room so that the black ones can watch the inauguration?

And the stereotype that I spoke of? Why is it that the black kid can’t pay her own way? Stereotypical poor black family? Why is it that the only way she can make it is if the white kids help? Is this the stereotypical ‘blacks can’t solve their own problems’? Or some other lame stereotype?

I thought we progressed past all of those beliefs?

My feeling is that we are becoming less colorblind and unfortunately, with PE Obama, things will get worse. No, not necessarily because of what he will do. It’s his Obamabots. Or was that Obamatrons? Obots??

Oh, and I thought the ‘funnies’ were supposed to be ‘funny’?

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