Someone needs a Mother’s advice:

One Response to Someone needs a Mother’s advice:

  1. frznagn says:

    “What happened to turning the other cheek? ”

    I don’t see Hamas turning the other cheek. Only one party can do that? I’d expect you to hold both sides to the same standards, but since your moral fiber is the consistency of water….

    “Your cartoon may describe what children do”

    It’s not mine.

    “But then, what can I expect?”

    To hold both parties to the same standards.

    “Children have been in charge for the last 8 years. ”

    Children aren’t allowed to hold public office. Whatcha smoking sport?

    “Talking of children, why do they have to be bombed too?”

    They don’t ‘have’ to be bombed, Hamas chooses that they be bombed. You can’t put your weapons and personnel near schools and residential areas and not expect some collateral damage. If Hamas cared about them, then they would avoid areas where civilians congregate. I’m surprised you couldn’t figure that out yourself. I thought anyone smart enough to use a keyboard would be able to. Silly me.

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