The Economy is a Disaster!

Say it again and again. At least until you are elected President. Then what do you do?

You celebrate by buying your wife a £20,000 diamond encrusted Rhodium ring. Yup. No better way to show you are an average Joe and in touch with the poor people suffering in this country than to blow 20,000 pounds on a ring. Obama couldn’t be doing that, right? Only an elitist would do something like that, right?

“‘For obvious privacy reasons I cannot reveal the cost of the ring but bearing in mind it is made from rhodium or black gold and encrusted with diamonds you can be sure it will cost thousands of pounds.'”

Emphasis mine. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Obama.  A man of the people? Or a man of the people’s money?


2 Responses to The Economy is a Disaster!

  1. frznagn says:

    Oh, I can forgive. But why? If you actually added value to this site then I would. All you do is make inane statements and assume falsehoods.

    For example, look at your post:

    “I thought conservatives were all for people spending their own money as they see fit”

    I do. But this doesn’t set a good example on the best use of money in hard times. I would have laced this with ‘context’ and stated his mega bucks he’s spent on his campaign like Obamaopolis and his ‘victory’ speech and his soon to be inaugural speech. All record amounts too. It’s a funny way to show how horrible the economy is- spending like there is no tomorrow. But you can’t see the truth so why bother?

    “yet when its a lib everything changes.”

    Nope. I believe it was Time magazine that ragged Bush about spending lots of money on his inaugural celebration when times were ‘tough’, yet times are even worse now but they don’t complain about Obama spending the money? Who’s biased now? Shouldn’t a ‘respectable’ mag like Time have higher standards than I? Thought so. But you won’t complain about them, eh?

    “All he’s doing is kick-starting the economy, pump-priming in his own little way.”

    And you actually believe what you say? Check out what is says in the article: “Bosco is based at Valenza Po near Alessandria”

    So by buying something in another country it is then ‘kick-starting’ our economy? Do you even read what is printed or do you just jump to conclusions? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s too obvious.

    “So are you saying that it doesn’t work? Or that Obama is too rich? What?”

    And if you can’t understand what I’m saying, then why bother commenting?

    If you can’t have a conversation without being obtuse (among the other colorful words that I could use) then be gone. I have no use for idiots here.

  2. frznagn says:

    If you can’t tell what I mean then why bother coming here? Heck, go to and start working your way up to


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