Impeach Obama!

That’s right, you heard me. Impeach Obama!!!

Throw the bum out! Yup, hit the road Jack!!!

O’ really?

Believe it or not, there are actually people calling for him to be impeached. Amazing! I would link to it but these buffoons don’t deserve their 15 minutes of fame.

Ok wingnuts, we are better than the left. Knock this crap off! We all know that Bush gave a great speech in an effort to unify us but the left would have none of it. Never gave him a chance. Well quite frankly, we’re better than that! I say that each and every one of us need to give him a chance. No matter what we differ in or to what degree, we need to give him a chance. Now, if he asks for increased power and to ‘trust’ him, then that’s another story. But as it stands, give him a chance.

Think about it. If he’s as bad as we’ve been saying he is or will be, then all we really have to wait. Just give him a bit of rope and see if he can hang himself with it, or not. If he does a good job, then great! If not, well then you can jump on the Impeachment Express.

Good luck Obama, you’re going to need it.


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