Liberal indoctrination at its finest!

Notice all the liberal talking points? Oil? Check. Sarah Palin is dum? Check. Anti-war? Check. Anti-hunting? Check. Scare tactics? Double-check!

Notice how the kid got 100% even with all the spelling mistakes and grammar issues?

Good little Pablo. You’ll make a nice tool for your party!


3 Responses to Liberal indoctrination at its finest!

  1. dtmf says:

    “If he somehow dies.
    some stupid person will not get in ofice”

    Is this kid saying Obama is stupid ? LOL!
    Wow wee!!!!
    That kid will grow up and need counseling!

  2. frznagn says:

    I think the kid is referring to McCain and the stupid person is Palin. I’m sure the kid will grow up fine. As long as the dems give him handouts to survive on.

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