Ebony (Black to the future edition)

In November’s edition of Ebony, you have the headline “Why Barack Obama must be our next President”

Must? Oh really?

From Linda Johnson Rice: During this campaign, Barack Obama’s brilliant and innovative views on the issues have been more in line with the thinking of Black America.

Uh, ok. So whomever appeals to the Black community MUST win? Why is this not racist?

A quote from Obama: “I’m here because somebody marched. I’m here because you all sacrificed for me. I stand on the shoulders of giants.

He borrows that last line from Sir Isaac Newton. Can’t think of an original one, eh?

And from Jalen Rose (former pro basketball star): If Obama is elected, I know he can have a positive impact on the entire world and continue to open doors, not only for me, but the entire Black race.

Doors need to be opened for him? He’s had more doors opened for him than I have had.

From Sylvester Monroe: If he can become President of the United States, I can become President of Harvard. Or I can become a state Supreme Court Judge. Or I can run for governor. In other words, the boundaries on the limitations to what’s practical are removed.

Really? I thought they were already removed. Don’t we have a black person on the Supreme Court already? And we’ve had at least three black governors.

And in that same section: The number of districts, he says, where Blacks are going to win new seats they will have to be in majority White districts.

So, we can’t make gains in the black community so we now have to make gains in the white community. So much for wanting equal representation.

Also: A Barack Obama presidency will send the message that we can do things for ourselves. We can open businesses, run for office, whatever we want to do. (Kansas State Sen. Donald Betts Jr.)

Huh? Can’t they already do that? And that is from somebody that is already in office!

And amazingly enough, on pg. 153 there is a full page ad paid by the DNC promoting Obama.

It’s almost like they’ve gone back in time like Marty in Back to the Future. Can someone please inform these dolts that this isn’t the 50’s and Blacks can and do the above mentioned things!

Stop holding on to the past and start working on your future!

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