Vote For Mark Begich!

That’s right! Vote for Mark Begich and kick that corrupt Sen. Stevens out of office!

We all know the best way to show our elected officials that we are sick of corruption is by voting for another corrupt official! That’ll learn them a thing or two!

According the the Alaskan Republican Party, Mark Begich has:

Defaulted on 5 loans.

Left creditors hanging.

Failed to disclose campaign income.

Fined $1,420 by APOC for breaking the law.

Overcharged utility rate payers $17 million.

Pushed business partner’s parking lease deal costing citizens $29,000 per month. Anchorage Daily News called it, “embarrassingly bad”.

Hiked city spending from $281 million to $435 million in 6 years- a 54% increase. Has your budget gone up 54%?

Increased median property taxes by $1,000 per year.

Left Anchorage tax payers hanging…

City financial mismanagement & conflicts of interest.

Serious campaign finance violations.

Sounds like another tax and spend liberal. The Anchorage Daily News is supporting this criminal and has his ads on their website. Surely Alaska can do better than Mark Begich!!

2 Responses to Vote For Mark Begich!

  1. yvonne says:

    of course you would say Tax and spend liberal hahahahha do you even know what Liberal Means? I hope Mark kicks butt, Once again you drink the Kool-Aid, Thats the problem with you people who think Palin ans stevens are without sin, what a joke those 2 are, cleaning you guys out and you are tooo niaeve to know it hahahhahaah,GO MARK

  2. frznagn says:

    “I hope Mark kicks butt”

    Marks losing to a convicted felon. You must be so happy!

    “Once again you drink the Kool-Aid”

    I stated facts. More proof that liberals can’t handle the truth and will resort to lies to compensate.

    “Thats the problem with you people who think Palin ans stevens are without sin”

    Last I knew, nobody was without sin. Not even myself!

    “cleaning you guys out and you are tooo niaeve to know it”

    Ok, now try to state some ‘facts’. I know, that’s too tough for the uneducated minions of the left.

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