WTG Sarah!!!

Sarah Palin has been picked for the Republican VP!!!

If elected, she’ll hold the highest office of any Alaskan ever!

As a side note, my wife was out holding campaign signs with her a while back and forgot to bring her gloves. Sarah offered to lend her her gloves. Was that nice or what? She is a real people person, not some stuffy snob. A true Alaskan with great values and has always loved her country! Please do your research and I’m sure you’ll agree she’s worth voting for!!!

Go Sarah Go!!!

2 Responses to WTG Sarah!!!

  1. frznagn says:

    “Wow! There goes your ‘inexperienced’ argument then!”

    Not at all. My standards for VP and POTUS are different. Why is voting for an inexperienced person for POTUS (Obama) a good thing, but an inexperienced person for VP (Palin) a bad thing? You libs harp on about her being a ‘heartbeat away from the Presidency’ but your candidate IS trying to BE the President! In other words, the Dems have a GUARANTEED inexperienced person for POTUS while the Reps have an ‘inexperienced’ person that could POTENTIALLY take over as POTUS. One is a sure thing whilst the other is not. You’d think the sure thing would be more important, no? But not with the libs! Since when did a VP pick become more important than the POTUS pick? I’ll answer that for you. Since the Dem POTUS pick looks worse that the Rep POTUS pick! Take the Obama distraction game over to the VP pick!

    “apparently, not much more than a couple of PTA meetings.”

    Yeah, all that time being Governor means nothing then. Or Mayor? Certainly those positions are more important on the political scale than ‘Community Organizer’? LOL!!! It’s funny how you lefties are so desperate that you have to cling to such nonsense!

    “As the song says, ‘Arm the soccer moms and start your holy war’”

    Never heard the song. Must be something a lefty wrote. And since when did a mother taking care of her kids is a bad thing? Lemme guess, her first mistake was not aborting them? Nothing says ‘Power’ like killing your unborn child. It’s a sad day in this country when being a proper parent is a negative.

  2. frznagn says:

    “OK, for a start, the Blessed Sarah is not just inexperienced she is utterly unqualified.”

    She’s more qualified than Obama. http://www.redstate.com/diaries/redstate/2008/aug/30/tale-of-the-tape-sarah-palin-vs-barack-obam/

    “He has good policies and the brains to implement them.

    Speaking of brains, didn’t he pick someone that would be just a heartbeat away from the presidency that has had a couple of aneurysms and is at risk for more?

    “that Obama’s time in Chicago would be far more useful than Sarah’s in Wasilla”

    A useless comparison if I’ve ever seen one. Comparing a Mayor with a community organizer? Ridiculous at best.

    “The VP pick became more important since the VP started running the country, since the invention of Dick Cheney.”

    Yes, I see. Adjust the size of your tin-foil hat. Me thinks it’s on too tight.

    “If you are talking about Palin’s record as mayor then you are indeed crazy brave,”

    Whatever. What counts is that the people love her. As for Chicago, isn’t that the place where some folks have been wanting the National Guard deployed due to the violence? Yes, Big O’s home is filled with violence and this guy wants to run the country? Look at his home city!! Apparently ‘debt’ is much worse than ‘rampant and wanton violence’. Nice to know where your priorities are.

    “at least he is not under investigation for abuse of power and ethics violations. ”

    And it’s the most trumped up BS I’ve ever seen in my life. And as you point out about the small city stuff, it’s really hard to clean house without stepping on someones toes that you might be related to in some way.

    “It’s called ‘Kill The Poor’ by Matthew Grimm and the Red Smear. Go Google!”

    I have no interest in that sort of material.

    “Whoever said taking care of your kids is a bad thing? Settle down, sport. ”

    Lots of lefties. Trust me. I’ll make a full report on this later.

    “I feel that the best way to take care of your kids is to bring them up in a society that neither has guns or, more importantly, a need for them.

    You really are misguided here. Many folks up here live on a subsistence lifestyle. The Alaskan Natives don’t just hunt with spears. They have advanced since the dawn of time and do use guns. So, we do need guns in our society. And I’m no expert, but I believe we aren’t the only ones. You can do your own research. I was raised in a house with guns as well as my wife. Neither one of us has committed any crime with a firearm. And I do have guns in my house too. And none of my four kids have committed any offense with them too. So what’s the problem? I believe if you teach them to respect the weapons and the proper usage then you’ll have fewer problems. Nothing is guaranteed. But look at places like England where guns are prohibited. Lots of people getting stabbed. And wasn’t it in Canada where someone cut off the head of someone on a bus? It’s not the weapon that is the problem, it is the person using them.

    “Wow! You’re right off the reservation now! What are you on about? How did abortion find it’s way into this debate? Full marks for distraction!”

    Obviously having kids is bad. Check out all the lefty sites bashing her. Again, I’ll be more detailed tomorrow. Heck, DailyKos was attacking her because they believe her daughter was the one pregnant with her last child. WTF? The picture they claimed to be ‘proof’ was two years old! C’mon! You can’t get more stupid than this!!!

    “Whoever said being a proper parent is a negative? ”

    Again, you really must not be paying attention to the attacks on her. Do your research and you’ll see. You lefties are so hypocritical!

    “You’re cracking under the strain, matey!”

    Nah, but you lefties are. I think McCain actually picked someone that scares the heck out of the left and they are grasping at the thin air to make her look bad. Just look at these two links: http://whitenoiseinsanity.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/did-gov-sarah-palin-fake-her-last-pregnancy-to-cover-up-her-16-year-old-daughter-being-pregnant/


    Just tell me, especially on that last link, just how sane her comments are. I’m serious. Play Dr. Phil and you tell me what you think.

    “I highly doubt Sarah cleans her own fish she catches. I bet she and her husband go to those fancy/expensive cabins like here in Maine where they pay $1800/weekend to have the locals clean their fish, cook their meals, change their beds, and split firewood for the woodstove!”

    “Sarah Palin could literally start stabbing people to death on stage and the base of the republic party will forgive her because she’s pretty.”

    “I’ve cleaned the “Sarah houses” over the years too. These are the types of people who will rack up their credit cards and remortgage their homes to keep up with the Jones!”

    You get the picture, but check out her posts and those that post there.

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