Spreading ‘Fear’

Wasn’t it the right that was supposed to be the one that spreads ‘fear’?

It’s easy to see the message- white males are irrationaly afraid of the Obama’s. If we don’t vote for them it’s only because we are afraid of them being closet Muslims or their race. No other reason could possibly exist. Only ‘irrational’ beliefs would stop us from voting for him.

The question is, will you fall for this ‘fear’ tactic? Will you be shallow enough to vote for someone just to avoid being labeled ‘racist’ or some other derogatory term?

I say grow a spine! Vote for the best candidate, regardless of party.

Note: I realize that some ignorant lefty is bound to state that I’m spreading fear by this or some previous post. I do not spread fear. I state the truth. I also have something called ‘a sense of humor’. Many of my posts are designed with humor in mind. A good example is my ‘Vote for Obama! Evil Moose commands you!’ picture. If you take that seriously, then do everyone a favor and seek help.

6 Responses to Spreading ‘Fear’

  1. frznagn says:

    “Y’see, I interpret that cartoon differently”

    Funny. I don’t see that in the context.

    “And evil moose is giving me nightmares as I am terrified it will get me due to my ineligibility to vote.”

    Become a citizen here. You may have to do that ‘work’ thingy. You can’t sit on welfare too long here y’know. We still accept applications from Aussies too. After all, they do the job that Brits don’t want to do.

  2. frznagn says:

    “Too cold for me, pal.”

    Plenty warm in Phoenix. Trust me, been there. Five years.

    “The unemployed are doing you a favour – they are great patriots, as without them the system would collapse. ”

    Right. Unemployed people are patriots which means the employed are not. Work is bad. Green is red. Flying pigs are fat free. I see. Maybe it’s not the kool-aid that you’re drinking, but what you’re putting in it to sweeten it?

    “Still importing your working class, huh? Typical yanks. ”

    That was a joke. Thought you’d be smart enough to see that. Anyhowz, I don’t see how importing someone else to do work, and in turn be remunerated for it, whilst one remains unemployed and receives only the blessings of limited welfare benefits makes one better off. I’ve seen plenty of people work and be well paid for it, much more so than being on welfare. How is this worse? So, how much money do you get for begging in the streets, or whatever your charitable government deems is enough for you to survive? Certainly you don’t work. After all, you’re a ‘patriot’.

    And as for immigration, plenty of people risk their lives to come to our country. Many more than going to yours. Obviously it can’t be that bad of a country. And if immigration were to suddenly stop, it wouldn’t bother me. Or most people here.

  3. frznagn says:

    “Why do you think I live here?”

    For the free government care.

    “There you go. ”

    Wiki looks on the money but you stated it differently. From the way you worded it, it sounded like people were forced to be unemployed versus unemployment was a function of capitalism. Different meaning. And Wiki didn’t state 5-15%. And that is a big range too.

    “Because it lowers the labour costs. See above. ”

    You didn’t catch my point. If I choose unemployment and earn no money, how do I become more wealthy? I have bills with no income. This makes one poorer, not wealthier.

    “Not enough. No oil royalties for me!”

    Maybe you can get sugar cane royalties? Talk to the nanny state!

    “Maybe I’m of the traitorous employed?”


    “Ours is harder to get to.”

    For the poor Mexicans, yes. But you have airports too. People fly from Africa and they could just as easily fly to Australia as they can here.

    “Yet they come, they come…”

    Stop giving out the freebies and watch it dry up. Or was it for the ladies???

    “From a refugee camp, anywhere else would look pretty good.”

    Everything is in extremes for you, eh? Since when did Mexico, Africa, and the middle east become a refugee camp? And you complain about our government ruining our country? What about theirs!

    “Yes it would, as the labour pool would shrink. Frankly, you can’t afford not to have immigrants.”

    I disagree. We have plenty of people here as it is, we don’t ‘need’ anymore.

  4. frznagn says:

    “Not much free money coming through the mail. Not like, say, Alaska…”

    Like $2k can put you up for the whole year here. LOL!

    “As the system requires unemployment, so governments ensure its existence. Still, glad to see that you’re getting the hang of it and that I am, indeed, correct.”

    Not entirely. You make it sound as if the reason a company moves overseas is to create unemployment versus a company making a financial decision. Way different. But we do have the freedom to obtain employment somewhere, or to create our own jobs.

    “That’s right. Such is the sacrifice made by the unemployed and working poor. Patriots, one and all!

    Obviously you’re being snarky or we just have different opinions on what a patriot is.

    “I’m not going to wrestle some Queensland sugar farmer for his dough – they have crocs up there.”

    And I thought you were tough? Aren’t you all like Steve Irwin?

    “Did you know that in Alaska the nanny-state send out oil royalty cheques to every state resident? ”

    Wrong. Lots of residents don’t get the checks. You do have to apply and meet the requirements. My son went in the Navy and they didn’t give him one last year. Ah, the price we patriots pay to serve our country. Is worth it for sure!

    “Settle down. Took the bait, eh? Sorry, just shocking you. Looking for a reaction.”

    Hmm, your take on it was different than what I meant. It was supposed to sound like a pirate. Oh well.

    “Will you stop handing out the oil revenue cheques if I come to Alaska?”

    No. Why should we? But feel free to move here anyways. We are a diverse bunch here!


    I was trying to say is this- was the real reason that people immigrated to Australia is for the ladies? As in, their beauty. Can’t blame a lad for trying to find a pretty lass, eh?

    “everything is in extremes for you, eh? ”

    As for you too.

    “Yep, your government ruined their countries too.”

    Rimshot please.

    “Way to run a society.”

    Pobody’s nerfect.

  5. frznagn says:

    “but in the end companies do deliberately cause unemployment ”

    This is my point! COMPANIES! You were making it sound like it was the GOVERNMENT forcing the companies. Much different!

    “How do you define ‘patriot’?”

    Their are many definitions. Do I look like Webster to you? In a most generic sense, one that puts their country (or its interests) above themselves (or their interests).

    “OK. What are they?”

    Look online. Mostly, residence status. How long have you been in the State and how long have you been out of the State during the year.

    “Why not?”

    He was on a ship in the gulf. There are blackout times that you cannot communicate with the outside world. He missed the deadline. Kinda busy fighting the bad guys. He did get hit once with a bullet too. Actually, it hit his wallet. Not all of his time was on the ship.

    “Sacrifice. For your son it’s military service, for others it’s food stamps. ”

    Food stamps is not a sacrifice. But believe in that and the tooth fairy if you want. I don’t care.

    “‘Arrrgh’ is the noise made by conservatives driven to thoughts of justifiable homicide by wily lefties.”

    Uh, sure. Right.

    “Wing-nut conservatives and barking mad wing-nut conservatives? ”

    And who’s the one going to extremes here? (hint: look in mirror)

    “you can’t see the sheilas for the seal fur! Either that or they’re too busy field-dressing a moose. ”

    I’ve never seen anyone wear seal fur here. And just because you can’t field dress a moose it doesn’t mean your jealousies allow you to insult those that can.

  6. frznagn says:

    “No, actually you look like a Malamute, but do go on (Mush! Mush!),,,,”


    “Like the unemployed?”

    If that were the case then all of us should be unemployed. But then our society would collapse. So much for ‘patriotism’.

    “What about all this ‘We support the troops!’ malarkey we are always hearing from the government?”

    If you don’t get your paperwork in then it’s not the government’s fault. Personal responsibility.

    “Saved by the change left from last year’s gub’mint cheese cheque, huh?”

    No money in his wallet. Just ID and maybe pics and a condom. Gotta be prepared for anything! I await your tasteless joke.

    “Food stamps is no picnic either. ”

    I’ve seen people choose them over work.

    “But I thought Alaska was fairly homogenous.”

    You serious? We’re probably the most diverse State in the union!

    “Polar Bear fleece then. ”

    Nope. I think that one is illegal. I’m no expert on what types but I know they have fox and the goths prefer the finer things like porcupine.

    “right at the bottom of that list of priorities is field dressing a moose.”

    You haven’t lived until you’ve field dressed a moose.

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