Sieg Heil


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  1. frznagn says:

    “Oh please! Please tell me you’re not going to take a picture of a politician waving and make it look like they’re giving a Nazi salute! Please!”

    But you lefties do this all the time!!! Check the links if you don’t believe me!

    Amazing, it’s ok for the left but not the right??? Cut the double standards!!

    “So Obama is a fascist leader now is he? What happened to ‘Secret Muslim’? Marxist guerilla, sorry, revolutionary?”

    You forgot ‘closet homo’.

    “Are you getting all this stuff from the GOP’santi-Obama war room in Denver”

    No. I took the picture off of Drudge and did the border/text myself. You not recognize my style? Maybe I should’ve animated it?

    “George Orwell’s seminal anti-totalitarian tome 1984”

    Actually, I’ve never read it. Keep quoting, then I won’t need to buy the book.

    “the bridge in Sydney is still for sale.”

    How about 5 knuts for it?

  2. frznagn says:

    “Did you read it?


    “Without that context, a picture of Nancy Pelosi waving is, well, a picture of Nancy Pelosi waving.”

    No context is needed. It’s art. When I look at artwork created by students at the local University (they sell it at the end of the semester), there is no ‘context’. What you see is what you see. I’d like to know why everything I do has to meet your standards and beliefs. Who died and put you in charge?

    “Huh? I never said the left didn’t do it.

    Not directly. You did say: “Are you getting all this stuff from the GOP’santi-Obama war room” which implies this is something the right does. (aka- not the left.)

    “Oh yeah, sorry. That wife and kids are all part of the subterfuge. ”

    It wouldn’t be the first time y’know.

    “Modesty forbids me to mention the many other things you could have done with it .”

    Like your lefty friends here?:

    “Secondhand bookshop, 50c,”

    I’m in Alaska. I’d be lucky to get it under five bucks.

    “How many Goodonyas to a knut?”

    You got me on that one.

  3. frznagn says:

    “Nonsense. All art has context.”

    From Wiki:
    “Generally art is a (product of) human activity, made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind; by transmitting emotions and/or ideas. Beyond this description, there is no general agreed-upon definition of art. Art is also able to illustrate abstract thought and its expressions can elicit previously hidden emotions in its audience.”

    Funny, I don’t see ‘context’ in the definition. Therefore, you can take your ‘context’ and shove it where the sun might not shine.

    “I submit that it is not so much ‘art’ as political satire, and satire is all about context. ”

    Again, from Wiki:

    “…he demonstrates the principle of modern American political satire: the ridicule of the actions of politicians and other public figures by taking all their statements and purported beliefs to their furthest (supposedly) logical conclusion, thus revealing their perceived hypocrisy.”

    Nothing about ‘context’ is included in describing political satire. Strange, if it’s all about ‘context’, then why is it not even mentioned? Obviously, this is your opinion verses any fact. And your opinion is worth a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory.

    “if I were make a picture of Dick Chaney that morphed into one of the Dali Lama, it would not necessarily be funny unless I created the correct, in this case highly ironic, context.”

    It’s ‘Cheney’, and if you did it right, it could be downright hilarious. Give it a shot without any ‘context’. You’ll never know until you try.

    “However, you make no suggestion of irony ¬– you are flat-out saying that Pelosi is a fascist/Nazi,”

    Actually, no. That was not my intent at the least. My art teacher said that a good creation of ‘art’ should bring about many thoughts and ideas. Apparently my idea and your thoughts are different, i.e., I did a good job. And don’t even bother saying that I’m lying. If you don’t believe me, fine. I can’t prove my thoughts. If you don’t trust what I say, then go somewhere else that you can trust. I will tell you the truth, if you choose not to believe it, then why believe anything I say? If I’m nothing but a liar, why stay here? Begone! Only a fool would hang around to have a conversation with someone they feels is nothing but a liar.

    “I didn’t invent the concept of context in art and satire – they are not ‘my’ beliefs and standards but simply how art works. ”

    Blah, blah, blah, see the above for proof of your ignorance.

    “Who died and put you in charge?

    God. ”

    So, God is dead? Must be that Aussie wit of yours. Lemee guess, Bush killed him?

    “The only difference is, when we do it it’s funny!”

    Right. ONLY one side can do it ONE way. Talk about the mark of limited thinking. Thinking in absolute terms can be quite flawed. Only Hollywood can make a good movie. Only Michael Moore can tell the truth. *snicker*

    “Yeah, y’see, that’s not funny either, Again, a lack of context. ”

    I dunno about that. The pick can be funny by itself. But those at the site thought it was the funniest. And without context too? Maybe you should stop by and explain to them how it’s not funny. Maybe you’ll get banned like I did. Never tell a lefty something they don’t like to hear or you’ll have the free-speech Nazis ban you. Oh the hypocrisy!!!

    “I apply my standards equally, so maybe I should amend my previous statement to read ‘The only difference is, when we do it it can be funny!’”

    Well, it would be more accurate. But again, stop by and try correcting them and see how far it gets you. You should see how fanatical they are. Her latest post on Sarah Palin is just soooo over the top. If she believes half of what she says, she needs to have a mental evaluation done. Seriously! She’s frothing at the mouth mad I tell ya!

    “And why you think that Kayinsane is a friend of mine I don’t know. ”

    Ok, not a ‘friend’, but a fellow lefty. I’m sure you’d agree with much of what she blathers about.

    “Amazon. $2.49.”

    Shipping. Priceless. They only do second day Fed-Ex to Alaska. You’ll pay for that rule. We may be part of the US of A, but us and Hawaii are like step kids.

    “this could be Alaska’s ultimate bridge to nowhere.”

    Sorry, we no like dem bridges.

  4. frznagn says:

    “From ‘Eye On Art – Art History Pages’:” & “From ‘The Daily Heller by Steven Heller”

    Oh, I supposed I should kneel before you because you found two sources that agreed with you. Hey, if I find two sources that say Obama is a loser, will you change your opinion of him? LOL! Didn’t think so.

    “Wikipedia is now fact, huh? I’ll remember that…”

    Good. It’ll come in handy.

    “Just to show you, bub – it ani’t just my opinion.”

    I’m sure others believe in the same thing. Never said you were the only one. Oh, and that quote was lifted from a movie. I thought it was funneh.

    “I meant Chaney, as in Lon – big and scary. It was joke which, given the context of your Charlie Chan gag, I thought you might enjoy. I aimed too high, huh? Pity.”

    Bullshit. You said: “if I were make a picture of Dick Chaney that morphed into one of the Dali Lama,”

    As you can see “Dick Chaney” is what you said, then you say you said “Lon”. So you are 100% wrong. And a liar to boot. If you wish to lie, please find someone else that will appreciate it.

    “How a picture of Nancy Pelosi waving with the caption ‘Seig Heil!’ could be constued any other way is a mystery to me, but there you go. Viva la difference!”

    Y’know, I’d give you my thoughts on the pic but you wouldn’t get it and just call me a liar. I’ve learned that you have issues with the truth. Did your parents lie to you so much that you cannot trust others? Seriously, seek help.

    “Seee above for rebutall of said ‘proof’.”

    Proof was laughable. Reboot and try again. Maybe if you’re ‘good’ enough, you’ll qualify for ‘Epic Failure’.

    “Sorry. Haven’t you heard?”

    Hmm, wasn’t that a story featured in Time? Like I’d believe them on religious issues.

    “We’re kinda famous for it. ”

    Gotta be famous for something.

    “Nah, don’t be silly – when he saw what Bush was doing in his name, he killed himself.”

    Ah, the infamous Aussie Wit. It makes me wanna fly down and see it in person.

    “No, but good right wing satire is hard to find. Whatever happened to FOX’s The Half-Hour News Hour? By crikey, that was funny! ”

    I dunno. I don’t watch Fox News. Surprised? I hardly watch any tv at all.

    “Maybe I’m too busy here.”

    Lucky me. Nurse, more Thorazine please.

    “Isn’t this unconstitutional? ”

    Not at all. Things that happen in your imagination aren’t unlawful. But do check back in when your treatment is complete.

    “Not a free speech Nazi, are ya?”

    Not at all. She can say as she pleases and I can critique as I please. When have I said that she cannot speak?

    “I wouldn’t know, I don’t go there. I come here.”

    Why? That place has far more traffic than here. In fact, Clif over there rated my blog as a ‘backwater blog’. Really. You should find someplace with a cult following and people patting each other on the back at every opportunity.

    “On the other hand, you get free money courtesy of the state. Who else gets oil revenue checks”

    Depends on how you want to parse it. When Iran, Venezuela and others subsidize the cost of gasoline/oil, then it could be considered ‘free money’. So your lefty pals are guilty this time.

    “You’re all a bunch of commies sucking on the public teat! ”

    Isn’t this what you want? You preach against working and letting the government take care of you. So if ours does it in any way, then it’s bad? C’mon dude, make up your mind! Besides, you only get the money if you apply and qualify for it. And I do know people that refuse to apply. And what fool turns down free money? Our government has handed us ‘rebate checks’ before and I don’t recall anybody refusing them. I dunno about you, but I have bills to pay, and I pay them. Alaska isn’t a cheap place to live y’know. I’m not that stupid where I’ll turn down $2k checks ea for my family of six. Yes, I said ‘four’ previously. Don’t even think of correcting me. Both are correct.

    “C’mon, you’re getting $3,000 + minimum – you can spring for $2.49 plus shipping. ”

    I dunno. They haven’t announced it yet. Besides, I have better things to spend it on than a book. Got bills to pay.

    “No, I’m sure you don’t – dem bridges actually go somewhere. ”

    Clever play on words. I like that. Maybe you should’ve capitalized ‘dem’ tho?

  5. frznagn says:

    “I don’t have a problem with Wiki, but conservatives do to the point of starting,

    Well, I used Wiki but it didn’t seem to be enough. And I’ve never heard of the other site.

    “‘Chaney’ to suggest Lon Chaney.

    It’s hard if not impossible to tell that you are trying to go for Lon Chaney when you say ‘Dick Chaney’ because it is only one letter off of a real person. It’s more of a typo than a wrong person. Perhaps if a picture were used, but text doesn’t get that message across.

    “No I wouldn’t. Art is subjective. Please, share.”

    Yes, you have.

    “No, I don’t. I do, however, have a problem with those that tell me what the truth is when I don’t agree with them. Truth is relative.

    If I tell you the truth, then it is the truth. Nothing is relative about it. If I tell you I’m thinking of cherries, then I am thinking of cherries. Nothing is relative at that point. The truth is the truth whether you agree or not.

    “My ‘proof’ was a good as yours. Double standards, mayhaps?”


    “So who would you believe? Your preacher? Surely he has a vested interest?”

    Depends on the preacher. The one I did trust died. Too many religious folks care more about the money they bring in versus the people.

    “Yogurt has a culture.”

    Not that funny.

    “Too busy arguing, um, debating with me, huh?”

    Yes, and work too.

    “I know, just pulling yer leg.”

    Forgot about them long arms of yours.

    “I have – here. A cult following of…one. Me.”

    Great. I have a cult. Next thing you know it’ll grow into a culture.

    “Sure. That’s what leftyism is all about.”

    Good there, bad here? Not sure of your point.

    “it’s just not supposed to be what YOU want.”

    I’d rather the government NOT hand out free money. I believe more harm than good comes out of it.

    “Not quite – I’m all for working, but the conditions must be fair – but please, continue…”

    I agree about the word ‘fair’, but fairness is relative.

    “No, make up yours. You rail against the nanny-state etc yet are happy to take the cash. Double standard? Hmm?”

    Nope. I’m against the nanny state but I’m not going to turn away free money. That’s stupidity.

    “One with principles?”

    Principles? I have them. I do no wrong in applying for the dividend. I qualify therefore I apply. I have bills to pay. Am I supposed to let my family have less just because I don’t agree with handouts in general? Now how popular do you think I’ll be when our friends and neighbors are flush with free cash and buy goods galore and my kids get squat? I’ve seen some people spend a good chunk of it on Christmas. Nothing like going to someone else’s house and seeing toys piled high and your tree pales in comparison. I’m not saying this has happened to me, but it’s something that could happen quite a bit. How fair is it to the kids? And some people use it to go on vacation. Hawaii is very popular. How would you feel if most of your friends go on vacation with the dividend money and you don’t because you don’t have the cash. I’m sure your kids would love to listen to all of the fun everyone else has. To boil that long winded tripe down to a point- are your kids really going to care about principle when everyone else enjoys the money while you don’t? It’s not all about me, I do try to make my family happy too.

    “I thought you just said you did. Ah well”

    Nope. Read it again.

    “Yet we here in the Socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Kevinstan we are not offered the same largesse…”

    Maybe not, but you can change that! Just as you expect me to change my government.

    “Congratulations on your new arrivals!”

    Thanks. Moved up here with two kids and adopted two. Hence the change in math. Different time periods. Simple!

    “Heating bills? Read the book and then burn it! I’m sure GWB would approve!”

    Yes but I don’t have a wood stove. And it’s the wingnuts that burn books.

  6. frznagn says:

    “Oh, all right, here you are”

    I don’t see any proof. Just words. Try getting a respectable news organization to verify.

  7. frznagn says:

    “It’s a hoot! … You might like it.”

    I think not.

    “I’m afraid not.”

    Still wrong. I was talking about the truth as in what I say about my thoughts, not about external factors. If I say I created a picture for reason X, then it was for reason X. Nothing else. The truth is the truth. You can believe what I say. As for my opinions and beliefs, that may be another story. Truth becomes fuzzier with things like them.

    Ben Stiller is a great actor. Truth? Opinion? Gets kinda fuzzy, eh?

    “…many Christians believe… ”

    A whole new world when it comes to religion. I don’t believe every word of the Bible. But it was written by many people over a great period of time. What is true and what isn’t? The great question, eh? Scholars have debated for hundreds of years and will continue to do so. No need to dwell on it because we’ll never get anywhere they haven’t.


    I see your point.

    “OK, fine, I accept, so the question becomes what WAS your intent? ”

    It was more of how people worship Obama. Just as the people in the Nazi party did everything they could for Hitler, you have the same fanatical types supporting Obama. Sure, I’m not a fan of Nancy, but this wasn’t about her as much as Obama. I know, how can you see a connection between the two in a picture? You don’t. I’m just incredibly sorry for not pouring through databases of pics looking for the salute with Obama. I’ve got a life y’know.

    “And are we now clear on context and satire?”

    Mayhaps. I like the word. I might have to use it more often.

    “Bill Dobson? Ted Haggerty? John Hagee? Jeremiah Wright? Muqtada al-Sadr? The pope?”

    I’d prefer to know someone in person before I give them my trust. What do I really know about someone in the media? Media can be biased. I’ve seen the bio of Rev. Wright and some if it looks pretty good. Then I’ve seen some of his speeches. Not good. Maybe he was a great person, but he’s changed into someone that I don’t think is great? That thing happens all the time. Do I trust the Pope? Hard to say. You do have good and bad people within the Catholic Church. Which one is he? I can only ‘trust’ him as much as I trust the people that put him into power. And since I don’t know those people…. An endless cycle. Ahh, what to do?? Or is it- WWJD?

    “I’m sorry for your loss, but you don’t trust any others? With respect, that doesn’t say much for the religion.”

    Thanks. It’s not the religion, it’s me. I’ve been burned too many times on the trust issue. It’s harder for me to trust others. The more distance, the harder it is.

    “did you know they’re a series of toobs?”

    I thought it was ‘tubes’? Quoting our Senator again, eh? He deserved that one for sure.

    “My point is that conservatives criticize other counties for this yet are happy when their own governments do it.”

    The thing that is different about the PFD verses the government ‘rebate checks’, is that the PFD funds don’t come from taxing others. Peter wasn’t robbed to pay Paul. A certain amount of oil revenue is invested and a certain portion of the principle is used to pay the dividends. Nobody is taxed. Sure, the money could be invested to create jobs and wealth but those wouldn’t necessarily be distributed evenly. I’d like to see free college for the students up here, but again, it isn’t fair to those that don’t have kids. Ahh, the elusive search for the perfect plan. In its absence, we have the payouts.

    “Yet you take it. Hmm.”

    Turning down that much free money is foolish. About $2k for each member of my family? C’mon, get real. It’s not like I ran across the border to get free health care!

    “I’d say that if a person working a 40-hour week cannot afford the necessities of life – shelter, food, heat – I would say the are being treated unfairly. What sayest thou?”

    Mixed opinions. A person should be able to work a full time job and support themselves but I don’t believe that someone else should have to subsidize them too. Our Constitution doesn’t say it will provide you with food, shelter and clothing. How many of them do?

    “accept the free money with a lighter heart and sleep at night by simply admitting that wealth redistribution and government intervention is effective and necessary.”

    I’m not a fan of wealth redistribution. But again, what is ‘wealth redistribution’? An inheritance can be one, right? If so, then that is fine. After all, you get to choose who gets your wealth. As I’ve said before, the PFD is not taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Therefore, I don’t consider it fitting in this category.

    “you will remain open to accusations of hypocrisy. Hey! We’ll make a Democrat of you yet!”

    Ahh, admitting that Democrats are hypocritical. About time.

    “You either do or you don’t. ”

    Rebate checks and PFD’s are two different animals. See above.

    “Or the Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ New World Order Death To Capital Alliance”

    Sounds like a friendly bunch.

    “But don’t you think it is a shame that we have created a society that requires kids to be adopted in the first place?”

    Interesting choice of words. ‘created’. You make it sound like it was the goal of our founding fathers to have homeless kids. The two kids share a mother but different fathers. She also couldn’t lay off the drugs and both kids were taken away. Long story short, we took both of them. So how is it our founding fathers’ fault?

    “Well, good on you. You have my full respect for this selfless act. ”

    Hold the kleenex, the girl was my niece. The other one is her half-brother and no blood relation to me. Her biological mother keeps popping them out like a soda machine. I could only take so many with a three bedroom house. It sucks to see the family separated like this but whattya do?

    “I hear the works of Michael Moore burn particularly well!”


    “You do a pretty good imitation of one.”

    Another rimshot please!

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