The Hypocritical Left

Those would be the ones that demand that Bush stick to diplomacy when dealing with Iran over their nuclear program yet say nothing when Russia says they will go beyond diplomacy because of Poland’s anti-missle treaty with us. Yup, according to the left, war is the last option. But Russia  used it as it’s first option against Georgia.

So, diplomacy for us but not Russia? Looks like the left gets the Gold Medal in the Hypocrisy Olympics.


2 Responses to The Hypocritical Left

  1. frznagn says:

    Dude, go back to school and learn to read. Or bone up on that comprehension thingy. I didn’t say the Russians were left! I said the Left demands us to use diplomacy, yet when Russia skips it, they don’t say anything about it! So this diplomacy thing only applies to us. If some other country wants to start a war, they can. Jump right in it! No need to take diplomatic actions first!

    Is it getting clearer yet? Don’t make me draw you a picture.

  2. frznagn says:

    “Apart from the fact that I have yet to read, hear or see anything from the left that condones Russia’s actions, and as a committed leftie I don’t,”

    Exactly. Silence. If diplomacy is so important, then why the silence? Ahh, diplomacy is only important here. Why? Oh, lemme guess… because the left sees diplomacy as a stalling tactic and they’re too afraid to fight for their country. Yep stall until you can’t stall anymore. Nothing but scared chickens.

    Or theory number 2, they don’t like money spent on war because it takes away from bribing the poor to vote for them.

    “isn’t is hypocritical of the Right to criticize Russia for reacting to Bush-induced Georgian aggression? ”

    Oh, right. Bush caused them to start a war. Right. You really need to quit shopping at Conspiracies-R-Us. What? Did they have an inventory clearance special today???

    “but maybe Georgia should have attempted some diplomacy before wading in on its suicide mission? ”

    This one you’ve got a point. Don’t anger the big bad bear unless you can really handle it.

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