Obama’s Slip

Obama answered which Supreme Court Justice he wouldn’t have nominated. And why. Notice he was going to say he wasn’t experienced enough but caught himself in the middle of ‘experienced’. Nice catch Barry O!

Not enough experience is bad only if you’re a going to be one the Supreme Court, eh?


4 Responses to Obama’s Slip

  1. frznagn says:

    It’s not in the Constitution. But any professional level job that I’ve applied for has required experience. There must be something about that ‘experience’ thingy that people find important.

    Your car won’t start? Grab the 6 yr old next door and have them work under your hood. You’ll be satisfied with those results!

  2. frznagn says:

    Ahh, a distraction. The subject is Obama’s Slip.

    Go back one step and try it again.

  3. frznagn says:

    “And I ask it again.”

    Ask all you want. It doesn’t matter. Obama slipped!

    Obama is the one that wants to avoid the ‘experience’ word. Obviously it makes him look bad and he avoids it. So therefore, it’s important if he’s avoiding it because it makes him look bad!

    And like you could really look up a date in history and say that this is the definitive date that it became important. Some things don’t have a date that you can pin down. What date was it that we ‘had’ to do bookkeeping on a computer? I know companies that still don’t use a computer, while others couldn’t live without one. Each company will have a different date that they ‘had’ to use one.

    So simple, even you can grasp that!!

  4. frznagn says:

    “he is that the ‘inexperienced’ meme/canard is high on your list of tactics”

    Pointing out the obvious is not a ‘tactic’, it’s the truth. No more than Obama’s people pointing out McCain’s age.

    “by visiting a rig during a hurricane…oh, wait, that’s not going all that well, is it?

    Beats me, I’ve been working and haven’t seen the news today. Besides, visiting a rig during bad weather isn’t a good idea, but if you’re saying we shouldn’t have rigs because of hurricanes then that’s lame.

    You said ‘when’. ‘When’ can be a date, or a time. If I choose to use a date, or day, then I have chosen a ‘when’. Since you like to parse words when I say something, then I get to parse yours. You wanna get nit-picky, then what do you expect?

    “I’m just reflecting on the fact that GWB had no relevant experience, so why the fuss about Obama?

    Ok, if you want to compare the two, then have at it.
    1. GWB had very little experience.
    2. As such, the left (mainly) has said he’s the worst President ever.
    3. Solution to making a mistake by electing an inexperienced person is to…
    4. Elect a person with very little experience.
    5. Get ready for step#2 again. (‘left’ may change to ‘right’)

    If that’s what your logic is then seek help. Seriously. But I do recall you saying having less experience is better. So why weren’t you rooting for Bush? Ah, there’s an exception. This rule only applies to a lefty for some random reason.

    “so when, exactly, is experience important?”

    As far as I’m concerned, it has always been important. Our country chose a General to be the first President, not a low-ranking person, and not someone who hangs around murderers and the other anti-American asshats.

    “And experience in what?

    I’ve already answered this. Keep reading everything until you find it.

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