Senseless Murder

Ark. Democratic Chairman Killed at Party Headquarters

A man recently fired from a Target store barged into the Arkansas Democratic headquarters Wednesday and fatally shot the state party chairman before speeding off in his pickup. Police later shot and killed the suspect after a 30-mile chase.

Police identified the suspect as 50-year-old Timothy Dale Johnson of Searcy, a town about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock. They said that moments after the shooting, Johnson pointed a handgun at a worker at the nearby Arkansas Baptist headquarters. An official there said he told the worker, “I lost my job.”

Chairman Bill Gwatney died four hours after the shooting. The 48-year-old former state senator had been planning to travel to the Democratic National Convention later this month as a superdelegate. He had backed Hillary Rodham Clinton but endorsed Barack Obama after she dropped out of the race.

WTF! Losing your job is no excuse to make someone else suffer or die!

My condolences go out to his family and friends. Kudos to the police that prevented him from hurting anyone else. And curses go to any fool that tries to blame Bush for this. If it was Bush’s fault, he would’ve gone shooting at some Republican. Remember, we still have personal responsibility in this country. For a few more months anyways.


4 Responses to Senseless Murder

  1. frznagn says:

    “Of course this is Bush’s fault! ”

    I see. Well then, there is no use discussing this rationally nor even reading the rest of your reply. Personal responsibility still exists.

    Good day.

  2. frznagn says:

    It’s not irrational to avoid irrational blather. You spend so much time wanting me to take ‘responsibility’ for my actions yet someone kills another and the ‘responsibility’ lies with the President.

    You have a funny way with ‘logic’. Therefore, no need to read it.

  3. frznagn says:

    I’ve already said what I think. Since he’s dead then we’ll never know ‘why’. Armchair psychoanalysis won’t find the true answer.

  4. frznagn says:

    “and you have offered no opinion to date.”

    Yes. My original post. Too short for you? Not enough depth? Tuff Tundra. Try that Google thingy.

    “Still, discussing it is enlightening, don’t you think?”

    It could be. Depends on the people involved. Calvin and Hobbes, yes. Beavis and Butthead, no.

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