Senseless Murder

August 13, 2008

Ark. Democratic Chairman Killed at Party Headquarters

A man recently fired from a Target store barged into the Arkansas Democratic headquarters Wednesday and fatally shot the state party chairman before speeding off in his pickup. Police later shot and killed the suspect after a 30-mile chase.

Police identified the suspect as 50-year-old Timothy Dale Johnson of Searcy, a town about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock. They said that moments after the shooting, Johnson pointed a handgun at a worker at the nearby Arkansas Baptist headquarters. An official there said he told the worker, “I lost my job.”

Chairman Bill Gwatney died four hours after the shooting. The 48-year-old former state senator had been planning to travel to the Democratic National Convention later this month as a superdelegate. He had backed Hillary Rodham Clinton but endorsed Barack Obama after she dropped out of the race.

WTF! Losing your job is no excuse to make someone else suffer or die!

My condolences go out to his family and friends. Kudos to the police that prevented him from hurting anyone else. And curses go to any fool that tries to blame Bush for this. If it was Bush’s fault, he would’ve gone shooting at some Republican. Remember, we still have personal responsibility in this country. For a few more months anyways.

Obama’s Illegal Donations

August 13, 2008

Illegal Obama donors: Middle Eastern Arabs
Gazan brothers’ illicit contributions listed in government campaign filings

Palestinian brothers inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are listed in government election filings as having donated $29,521.54 to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign.

Hmm, I thought they were all poor due to the horrible Jews.

Donations of this nature would violate election laws, including prohibitions on receiving contributions from foreigners and guidelines against accepting more than $2,300 from one individual during a single election, Bob Biersack, a spokesman for the Federal Election Commission, told WND in response to a query.

No problem, now that Obama’s campaign is aware of this, I’m sure they’ll return the money. 😛

The contributions also raise numerous questions about the Obama campaign’s lax online donation form, which apparently allows for the possibility of foreign contributions.

Is Obama above the law now?

Monir and Hasam Edwan denied their financial transactions online – listed as donations in U.S. government election filings – were actual donations to Obama’s campaign. Instead they claimed they purchased about $30,000 in Obama T-shirts from the presidential candidate’s online store – a contention that did not hold up during a WND interview, when they changed their story several times.

Not lying! Nooooooo! Obama supporters are honest and truthful!

“My brother Hosam and I knew that Obama will be a big hit even before he became a candidate.

Uh, excuse me? Just how did people down there know about him before we knew about him? Is there something else we should know about him???

Obama’s campaign did not return WND phone calls or e-mail queries.

Surprised? I’m not. So much for a ‘new kind of politics’, eh? Same ol’ politics all wrapped up in a new shiny package to appeal to the consumers. Just wait until you get to open the box and find out how empty it really is.

Disturbing Olympic Thoughts

August 13, 2008

Isn’t the Olympics about great things like teamwork, competition, proving who’s the best, blah, blah, blah… in an international gathering?

Or simply, ‘getting the gold’?

That’s what I thought. Until now.

olympic medals – does anyone else finding it embarassing to take so many

we walk in with a ‘crowd’ and then seem surprised to get so many – it would be nice if some of the other 240 counties that are smaller got some – it always seems like a gang shows up when we walk in and then so many have to say USA USA – I mean – I just find it like the ‘gang’ is here and we are taking over – what are your thoughts? I know republics like the gangs and bullies to take over everything so they like being king of the mountain all the time – I just feel like others should get a turn more often

Is it a ‘crowd’ or a ‘team’?

” it would be nice if some of the other 240 counties that are smaller got some”

They do!

“I know republics like the gangs and bullies to take over everything so they like being king of the mountain all the time”

So, wanting to be the best is now bad? These games have rules, and all nations are supposed to follow them. How does this make us act as ‘gangs and bullies’?

Why even have the Olympics if trying to be the best is bad? Heck, are they just supposed to hand out the medals based on it being ‘your turn’ to win?  These athletes invest countless hours training to be the best and rely on the help and support of those around them to achieve their goals and they’re supposed to go to the Olympics and just have someone hand them a medal because it’s their turn?

Why does the left hate our country so much?

Guess who might be endorsing Obama?

August 13, 2008

We all know Zombie Che is supporting him, but as for the living… try Colin Powell.

Sources say former Secretary of State Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told FOX News exclusively on Wednesday.

“He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining his endorsement of Obama,” Kristol, a FOX News contributor, said, citing inside sources.

“This is not an absolute done deal, but these people are very confident that Powell will endorse Obama,” Kristol said, adding that he thinks Powell, a Republican, still has “a high respect” for John McCain, Obama’s Republican rival.

Powell immediately denied the report.

“I do not have time to waste on Bill Kristol’s musings,” Powell told ABC News. “I am not going to the convention. I have made this clear.”

Powell’s statements seem to make it clear that the above article is untrue. So why is the left clinging to it? Is it because they’d love to have Republicans supporting Obama because it’ll make McCain look bad?

You’d think that they wouldn’t want anything to do with that ‘traitor’. After all, isn’t it the left that whines that Powell “lied us into Iraq” and “twisted the intelligence”?

Is the Moral of the story “If you support Bushco then you are evil and will be attacked, but if you support Obama, then all is forgiven?”

Don’t even talk about the right losing it’s “moral compass”. At least they have one and try to use it.