All Hail Barack Obama!

Obama Needs to Make Nice on All Sides

Spare me the true believers.

I don’t mean the people who support Barack Obama for president. I support Barack Obama for president. I mean the people who worship him to the point that anyone who says anything raising questions about the inevitability of his rise to sainthood, much less the perfection of him and his wife and his campaign, is deserving of damnation.

I wrote a column last week about how the Obama campaign needed to guard against the arrogance that many people tell me they have detected in dealing with them. I didn’t condemn the candidate. I didn’t say he doesn’t deserve to be president. I just made the point, which seems almost obvious to me, that he isn’t president yet….

“Heinous,” one woman wrote to me, in describing my thoughts, and me. Heinous? Oh, of course, and racist and stupid. Thanks. Such comments came not from conservatives who oppose Barack Obama but from true-believers who are ready to condemn anyone who has not joined the revival.

There are stories kicking around that the reason (or one of them) that the highly effective Hillraisers are not raising the kind of money for Obama that they raised for Clinton is because they have been told that no matter what they do, they will never be the “equal” of the Obama fundraisers.

I am happy to believe that he would be appalled if he read some of the e-mails I get when I write columns cautioning the campaing to avoid arrogance, taking on the attitude (that I am certainly not alone in perceiving) that Obama can’t lose and that anyone who so much as suggests that he might is a heretic deserving of condemnation.

As anyone who has ever polled the question of conventions will tell you, there is a widespread view among voters (as opposed to television producers) that discord is a sign of weakness; that if you can’t run (control) your convention, how can you run the country?

Obama’s thought police are hard at work, no? Say anything bad about him and you get inundated with death threats and calls of being racist. The left should be so proud!

Speaking of the extremists… check this post from takeastandagainstlibarals

Change is coming!!!!! President Barack will win by the biggest margin EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive been having the best dream where I am Barack’s #1 operative! Im sure a device can be put into people that will detect any rascist thought. Then it can be like The Running Man (great flick even though a *spit* Republican is in it) when Richard Dawson says to his operative – “Have him killed!” Barack has these devices put into potential rascists heads and when they do rascism, I and my operative team eliminate them on the spot!

Theres no room for facist rascists in an inlightined society

Hey, a girls gotta keep busy when the Politburo is out of session!

Bonuses will be payed to those eliminating the most rascists! Dont you Repukes live for “incentive”?

Im back stronger than ever! I was layed up for awhile with horrible sunburn. I was out 15-20 hours each day screaming at Grampy McSame when he and the rest of ZOG was at the Bush compound a couple weeks ago and got really, really burned. Oh but Global Warming is a myth right? *spit*

In case you missed it, Senator Obama has just been promoted to President.

And I thought lefties were against the Death Penalty? Who knew they weren’t?

“Theres no room for facist rascists in an inlightined society”

But there’s plenty of room for murder and hate!

“I was out 15-20 hours each day …and got really, really burned. Oh but Global Warming is a myth right?”

Out in the Texas sun in the middle of the summer for 15-20 hours and you think it’s Global Warming that’s the cause? Really? Seek help. You’re obviously having a hard time processing information.

I’m not sure which is worse. Obama, or his supporters.

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