Does Obama believe in Reparations?

According to a frequent guest, Obama doesn’t support reparations. He said it’s on his web site and failed the common courtesy of providing a link to prove his statement. I went to Obama’s website and guess what I found?

Nothing about reparations.

So what’s his stance? Well, according to a recent statement, it appears that he supports it!

Obama notes ‘tragic’ US past

“I consistently believe that when it comes to whether it’s Native Americans or African-American issues or reparations, the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds.”

In other words, he won’t say he’s sorry for slavery but he’ll perform ‘deeds’ for it. But what are ‘deeds’? Is it creating programs to show the country is sorry? Or will he pay them cash?

Since he doesn’t say and our country apologized to the Japanese with words and cash, it’s reasonable to expect him to follow suit.

2 Responses to Does Obama believe in Reparations?

  1. frznagn says:

    “It’s ‘reasonable’ is it? ”

    Yes. Deeds not words. Did he say which deeds? Nope! Can one say SPECIFICALLY what deeds? No! My guess would be as good as anyone else’s. You can’t prove I’m wrong on this. After all, IT’S MY TRANSLATION of something he said that was vague.

    “You are clutching at straws, frznagan – give it up.”

    Looks like I’ve hit the nail on the head here. You seem to have your feathers ruffled. Why does it seem that if you don’t have any proof to counter my argument that you just get on the Rant Rocket? You can say all you like but the fact is that he wasn’t specific and left it open to translation. If I translate it wrong then fine. But the speaker should have been clear on what he meant. His mistake is worse than my potential mistake.

    “The conservatives mocked and said this was empty symbolism, ”

    In your case it might be. This situation is different. Besides, having a black person apologize for slavery doesn’t seem right. I’m sure many blacks will say it doesn’t count because it doesn’t come from the white-led government.

    Besides, taking care of the Aborigines when they only compromise 2.6% of the population is a lot easier of a task than taking care of blacks at about 13% of the population.

    “You might notice that Obama’s words were not exclusively directed to African-Americans but to Native Americans too. ”

    Big whoop de do. Paying reparations to two groups makes it better how? Financially, we can’t afford it. And I see what it’s like giving out free money to those in poverty and are undereducated. You should see the lines at the box stores for big-screen tv’s and other luxury items. Everybody and their brother wants you to stop on by and spend your money there. Can you say ‘squander your wealth’? That’s all that will happen with reparations.

    “Deeds and actions. Programs galore. ”

    What kind of programs? And can we really afford them? Besides, we already have spent billions on the war on poverty as well as affirmative action programs. And while we’re at it, shall we include the cost of freeing the slaves too? How many lives lost? How many families destroyed? How many cities were destroyed or damaged? You ring up the totals and let me know. I’d say we paid a heavy price for having slaves and freeing them. And we did offer to ship them back too! Liberia may not have been the best place, but it was in Africa. You can also make the point that if the refused to go back, then they chose to live here with all of the good and bad.

    “But cold, hard cash? That is just scaremongering. And you know it.”

    No it isn’t. PROVE that it won’t be. What do you have besides YOUR Words?

    Try this:
    There are two doors. The Green door has a cash prize of $1,000. The Yellow door has one of two things. It either has a pile of gold stacked as tall as you are, or a crazy psychopath with a loaded gun behind the door (or something else that spells certain death.) Which door do you pick? To me, a reasonable person would pick the Green door and walk away with guaranteed money. An unreasonable choice would be to pick a door with two wild extremes, especially when it could involve something horrible. To me, Obama is the Yellow door. He could do good, but he could really foul things up. It makes far more sense to pick McCain, the Green door. We at least know what we are getting.

    So, which door do you want?

    As for taking care of the Natives, we here in Alaska do take care of them. They all belong to Native Corporations that pay out dividends (if there is a profit) and they get free health care to boot. And job preferences. I’m sure there are some freebies the natives get Outside.

    I was listening to a young minority child talk to my youngest son about how he was going to get rich and buy a horse. I was curious to know what he planned on doing to get rich so I asked him. What did he say you ask? What would your guess be? Doctor? Lawyer? Pilot? Nope! Nothing of the sort. He said ‘dividends’. That’s right. He didn’t plan on working for his money, just sitting around until the government gives him money. I know he was young and I’ll give him credit for it. But it’d be nice if kids wanted to work for their money! A novel concept, eh?

  2. Jenn says:

    Screw Reparations. Get your own.

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