Hatred is not a family value

Cops Say Church Shooting Suspect ‘Hated’ Gays, Liberals

More than 1,000 people came “to make sense of the senseless” Monday evening at a memorial for the victims of a church shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Authorities earlier in the day said the man charged with murder in the shooting left a four-page letter that detailed his frustration of being unemployed, his hatred of gays and liberals, and his expectation that he would be killed by responding authorities.

“It appears that what brought him to this horrible event was his lack of being able to obtain a job, his frustration over that, and his stated hatred for the liberal movement,” Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen IV said at a press conference Monday.

Authorities said they are investigating the shooting as a possible hate crime.

“Anytime someone uses force to obstruct another person in the free exercise of their religious beliefs that is a violation of the federal civil rights statutes,” FBI Agent Richard Lambert said Monday.

Police said Adkisson snuck a 12-gauge shotgun into the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in a guitar case Sunday morning and opened fire during a children’s performance of “Annie.” They recovered three spent rounds and more than 70 shotgun shells.

Where do you even begin with such senselessness?

My condolences go out to those that are suffering through this ordeal.

As for the gunslinger… Satan has reserved a special seat on the express train to hell for you. No true Christian would do something as horrible as this. The Church’s that I’ve gone to teach good values like ‘forgiveness’. Hate the sin but not hate the sinner. I’d be willing to bet his hatred has little or nothing to do with liberals and gays. Blowing up a gay bar would’ve been more believable. And for those liberals with impaired reading abilities, I’m not calling nor condoning that gay bars be blown up.

Killing innocent people is and should be roundly condemned!

5 Responses to Hatred is not a family value

  1. frznagn says:

    “I doubt it – responsibility is only for liberals. ”

    They sure have a way of hiding it.

  2. frznagn says:

    If you can only see how the other side does it and not your own, then you are clearly biased to the point where you don’t want to see what your party is doing wrong.

    Must be nice looking at the world through those rose colored glasses of yours.

  3. frznagn says:

    “So you can’t give me any examples then. ”

    I take it then you only see one side doing any wrong. If you can’t see it, then my pointing it out won’t help.

    “it’s about a fruitcake who engaged in his very own culture war ”

    Other than the initial reports, I haven’t seen anything new about this guy. We have an idea of ‘why’ but it doesn’t mean it IS ‘why’. There may be more to this than what we know.

    I just love how you drag O’Reilly and Hannity into this. Out of the millions that listen to them, one goes nutz and kills people. If they were that evil, then you’d expect hundreds, or thousands of people killing each other. But it ain’t happening. I think you’re grasping at straws here.

    “And it’s also about the string of atrocities that have occurred under Bush”

    Blah blah blah Bush’s fault blah blah. You sound like a broken record. People were killing people during Clinton’s reign, but I don’t recall everyone blaming Clinton for it.

    “How are those rose coloured glasses going?”

    I don’t know. Take them off and give them to me so I can try them out.

    “What you conveniently ignore is as the Right is in power, ”

    Liar. I have not ignored that. Besides, we have three branches of government and the Republicans control one of them.

    “If y’all want everyone to take personal responsibility, you might want to ensure your overlords lead by example. Or is that too much to ask?”

    From you, yes. Become a citizen here then I’ll take you seriously.

  4. frznagn says:

    Why must your posts always end up looking like a term paper? If I ever see a t-shirt that says ‘Got Carpal Tunnel?’, then I’m sending it to you!

    “Oh, it will I assure you – but isn’t that for me to judge? Anyhoo, I was merely asking you to back your assertions with facts/data. Is that OK?

    It’s my decision to decide whether it’s worth my time or worth doing. You seem to find some small item to cling to just to show me I’m wrong. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m 98% correct, it’s that 2% that you love to look at. Therefore, I’ll save you the time from looking at that 2%. Besides, if after all these years you’ve never seen your side do anything wrong, then you are far to biased to believe anything I type.

    “Glad to see a conservative give a criminal the benefit of the doubt, but y’all always do when your own screw up. ”

    Nope. I do both sides fairly. I can’t help it if you cherry-pick my posts.

    “So much for that lib’rul meeja, huh?”

    Right. Lesse, ya’ll get your knickers in a twist and run wild with that toe-tapping Republican, but Edwards has been secretly meeting some girl with his love-child and the media is quiet about that! Give it a rest! This would be headlines if he were a Republican! If they’re so fair, then why haven’t they been running this like they did with the other guy?

    “Hannity, Savage and O’Reilly are generally all over this kind of thing when it happens.”

    Maybe, but I don’t watch or listen to them. Mostly. Just when nothing is good on the FM dial. You probably listen to them more than I.

    “He drank the Kool-Aid, and no amount of finger pointing by the right can change that.”

    Both sides have issues. I can see it. As long as you can than it’s fine.

    “neo-conservative policies”

    Which policies? After all, jobs went overseas when Democrats were in office too. You can’t blame one side on this.

    “That doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    “Is it so inconceivable to y’all that Bush has committed so many crimes that you figure it must be nonsense? ”

    It’s all your point of view.

    “Well, I urge you to take a deep breath and a good look at what is really going on without your conservative hat on, an objective weighing of what is observable and its correlations to what we know. Rational, scientific, and unbiased.”

    Ok. To do that then I’d have to pour over tons of documents and learn Constitutional Law among other things. Sorry, my wife’s been sick and I’ve been a bit busy for this. As far as I can tell, Bush hasn’t done anything illegal/unconstitutional*. * I qualify that because some of the things that have happened are questionable as to who did/ordered them. There is potential, but not any proof that I can see. And if you link to anything and your post goes to the spam filter, it’ll stay there. I’m not going to rescue you because you’re link happy.

    “Yes, people were killing each other during Clinton’s ‘reign’, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Bush.”


    “Clinton is not under discussion”

    Yes he is.

    “Don’t change the subject. ”

    I was adding to, not changing. Besides, it’s my site and I’ll do as I please.

    “Clinton did not start two wars of aggression”

    Bosnia and Somalia mean nothing, eh? And starting them to avoid getting caught over a blow-job is worthy too. Wag the dog!

    “Clinton did not, ever, no matter what you might say about him, authorize systematic, indiscriminate and premeditated torture. ”

    Prove Bush did. Somebody may have, but whom?

    “How could a conservative defend the status quo without them?”

    Is that what you think I’m doing? Really, you just don’t understand me. Just do us both a favor and stop assuming.

    “What I am saying is that the Republican Party is responsible for the policies of the USA since 2001.”

    Not all of them. Congress has a certain amount of control too! Cherry picking here too!

    “the ball is still firmly in your court. For now. ”

    And when the Democrats walked out while we still wanted to work too. And you think they are better?

    “What a cop out. My status has noting to with it. ”

    Sure it does! Women can get away with saying ‘Only women have a say in abortion since men don’t have them.’ Well, only Americans have a say in our country.

    “that our politicians must be able to be held accountable. Don’t you agree?”

    If you haven’t noticed how I feel then you haven’t been paying attention. Try to do more than just look for an argument.

    “And anyway, what the US does effects the world, and as I live in the world then I am entitled to an opinion.”

    Ahh, an elitist. Funny how countries like Venezuela and Iran tell us to mind our own business and the left agrees. Nice double standard!

    “Hide behind your flag all you like,”

    Not hiding. No need to. Funny you think that way.

    “but remember your Samuel Johnson: ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’. ”

    And all those lefties that leak classified info to the press that damage our country are ‘patriots’? Harming your country is ‘patriotic’? You have a bizarre view of ‘patriotism’.

  5. frznagn says:

    “I’m here to debate, so of course I’m going to look at the 2%, or 5%, or 75%, or 98% that prove you wrong. Nothing is absolute.”

    This is not a debate forum. Go somewhere else if you’re just looking to argue.

    “Here’s an idea – just tell me what the 2% is!”


    “My side gets it wrong. Of course. I was just trying to ascertain what kind of ‘wrong’ you were relating to.”

    At least we agree both do wrong. Of course with this long post and all, I’ve forgotten what I had in mind.

    “With respect, I have yet to see you give a conservative a hard time for malfeasance.”

    It’s rare. But I don’t post much on other sites. I regularly post at two lefty sites (friends) and two righty sites. Kinda split. Most of my posts are humorous. If a person pushes my buttons or I feel compelled to state something, then I do. I post here more than anywhere else.

    “Because Edwards is no longer running for POTUS?”

    He’s a potential VP and someone that could get a position within the next Dem. Presidency.

    “that they have spent many years raging long and loud about their impeccable ‘Family values’. ”

    We’re not perfect. People do fall from grace. What’s new? Trying to live up to a certain value and missing is better than not having values and hitting.

    “Edwards does not hold any pubic office and did not do anything illegal.”

    True on the first part but Adultery is illegal. People bitch about McCain leaving his first wife and that was legal! Legal isn’t the only gauge that people go by.

    “Even FOX is over it.”

    See, they can be fair too.

    “the neighbours were starting to complain about the crazy man that shouts at the TV. ”

    Everybody has to have a hobby!

    “This guy murdered liberals on behalf of conservatives. ”

    He did it of his own free will. Nobody asked or forced him to. And even if they asked, there is still PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Something you complain that people don’t have.

    “they just seek to add some extra brakes and safety nets etc.”

    Extra may be fine, but what they speak of seems to be more of a ‘complete’. Big difference.

    “Fair enough. I’m sorry to hear that.”

    Thanks. Had some surgery to fix some problem. Recovery is a slow process for her.

    “and ‘starting wars’ is actually illegal too.”

    Nope. Nobody on the left complained when Clinton used the military. Can’t pick and choose here. And JFK just about got us into WWIII too.

    “What things specifically?”

    Too many to list. This post is long enough as it is. Basically, anything that the media blew out of proportion.

    “You demand proof but you don’t want me to post ‘term papers’ or links. ”

    It will allow links, too many and then it won’t. You have to figure out what is good and what is bad.

    “Bush said. ‘Yes, I’m aware our national security team met on this issue. And I approved.” ”

    Approved of the issue, or approved of the meeting? I know, splitting hairs. But again, what is ‘torture’? Loud Rap music is torture to me! Serious! After my spinal cord surgery, low/deep thumping noises really bother me. Drive me friggin’ bananas when my kids run in the house! You might as well be smacking me upside the head. Same thing. So, can we get rid of loud rap music?

    “Duh? What is ‘Duh’ supposed to mean?”

    I was talking about Clinton.

    “How is that ‘adding to?’ You are trying to excuse the bad behavior of one by pointing to the (possible) bad behavior of another,”

    You do this all the time! Or something quite similar with the ‘distractions’. Speaking of ‘distractions’, are you going to use every key word that Obama uses?

    “So logic and reason take a holiday because it’s your bat and ball? ”

    No. I was trying to say that it is my site and if I want to add something to the discussion then I can do it. I don’t need permission from anyone else. Is english your second language or do they have a different meaning for words over there? You seem to miss many of my points. Ok, my writing may not be the best, especially grammar, but it ain’t being badder then some peoples are. 😛

    “Clinton STARTED the Bosnia/Serbia/Kosovo war? And Somalia? ”

    Glad to see you agree.

    “Oops! I just did! (See above).”

    I don’t consider that ‘proof’.

    “And I read your posts – have you ever criticized the Republicans? Not that I’ve noticed. ”

    Check out my ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb Iraq’ post against McCain. And to eat a bit of crow pie, I was wrong about McCain not getting the nomination.

    “The 109th congress was the laziest,”

    And they had a higher opinion than the current congress! Does that say something about those 8% Dems or what! You’re too funneh!

    “Yet again your power of analogy is on recess. Does this mean that you agree with the feminist stance on abortion?”

    Whether I agree or not isn’t the issue! You are distracting from my analogy. Surely you can’t be that dense not to understand my point and comment on the point? Maybe you are. You didn’t comment on my point! You just ramble on about the logic based on my view. My view didn’t matter! I was pointing out that women make this argument and there isn’t anything you can say to change their mind. So, I just used THEIR logic on you to do the same. If you have a problem with the logic, then your problem is with THEM.

    “With respect, you do not seem that keen on holding the Bush administration to account – you seem more keen on finding excuses for them.”

    I don’t make excuses FOR them. I explain my feelings and beliefs on issues. Just as I can’t say Bush is guilty of X because others could be the true culprit, likewise, I can’t say he’s not guilty. So I just sit here in the middle hoping that the truth reveals itself. Patience is a virtue and I’m being patient.

    “You make no sense. ”

    You took my meaning differently. Try this (from wiki): “The term “elitism” or the title “elitist” can be used resentfully by a person who is not a member of an elite, or is a member but resents the elite position or uses it in a condescending or cynical manner in order to ridicule or criticize practices which discriminate on the basis of ability or attributes. Often, such as in politics, it is used to describe persons as out of touch with the common people. The implication is that the “elitist” person or group thinks they are better than everyone else, and therefore put themselves before others. It could be seen as a synonym for snob.

    Note the condescending and snob parts.

    “I haven’t noticed Venezuela or Iran sponsoring and effecting a coup to overthrow the legitimately elected head of state”

    I didn’t say any specific reason. I just stated that they tell us to mind our own business. You cherry-picked one thing that I didn’t mention to ‘prove’ your point. It doesn’t work that way. They always tell us in one way or another to leave them alone. Iran’s been threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz if anybody does anything against them. Mugabe complains any action against his government is due to ‘colonialism’ or ‘racism’. It couldn’t be for any other reason, right? If others have no say there, then it would be fair to say you don’t have a say here. Same rules (theirs).

    “The USA has made it it’s business to effect the affairs of nation states all over the world to it’s own advantage”

    And countries like Russia and China just sit happily within their borders and leaving everyone alone? Tibet ring a bell? How about all those internet attacks from China and Russia? And their spies too? Should we sit back while they are active in the world? I thinks not!

    “Be careful what y’all wish for.”

    What’s with the wishing thing? I haven’t wished for anything. Wait, I’ll do it now. I wish for World Peace. There, you happy? Is ‘World Peace’ acceptable to you? Or should I be more careful? How about ‘African Peace’? Or shall I make it smaller, like ‘Tonga Peace’? (I work with someone from there!)

    “a true patriot will help their country for the long term, even if that means short term damage.”

    Some could say fighting for Iraq is a short-term damage situation for a long term goal. Besides ‘short term damage’ is quite vague. Shall we just bomb LA the next time they have riots? Sure, short term damage but nobody will ever want to riot again! Long term solution!!!

    “And don’t forget, the WH leaks like a sieve too, when it wants to. ”

    Like that guy that left his position and wrote a tell-all book? Sounds ‘patriotic’. Or was he just a plant?

    As for quotes, you can always find one to justify your actions. Got attacked by someone? Take your pick: An eye for an eye or Turn the other cheek.

    Most people will pick their action then use the quote to justify it.

    Besides, using quotes doesn’t mean your smarter, it just means you know how to search, copy & paste. And yes, I fully expect that quote to be used against me!!!

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