I’m Somebody Important Now!!!

Can I have your Autograph?
Can I have your Autograph?
Look where I'm at!

Look where I'm at!

What a doofus! He smiles and waves like a kid at Disneyland! How corny can you get? Is this what he considers looking ‘Presidential’?

I can’t believe this is the best the left can offer.

5 Responses to I’m Somebody Important Now!!!

  1. frznagn says:

    “What was he supposed to do when the shutters click? ”

    Not look so bloody corny.

  2. frznagn says:

    “Kick the world leaders in the teeth? ”

    And you call that ‘rational’? If you can’t see how corny he looks in those photos then you must have your head so far up his ass that your vision is impaired. Pull it out while you still have time!

    ‘Corny’ is an opinion. If you can’t see that then you really must be one of those that are blindly smitten by him and can see no fault in anything he does. That would put you on the same level as those you complain about that follow Bush blindly.

  3. frznagn says:

    “When did I say I was being rational?”

    Problem: Poster is accused of/or being irrational.
    Solution: Complain about poster being irrational whilst at the same time being irrational.
    Result: ERR.

    “but I ask again, what are the alternatives? ”

    Again, NOT looking corny. Gee Whiz dude, think!

    “What is the difference between that photo of Baz with Sarkozy and this one of Bush with Sarkozy?”

    Easy! BOTH are smiling and having a good time. See Loserama above and compare his facial expressions/body language with Sarkozy’s. If you can’t see the disparity between the two then get a dog that can.

    “If you can’t see how normal it is to smile for photos then you must have your head so far up Bush/McCain/Rove/Cheney/Hannity’s ass that your vision is impaired.”

    Hey, that’s original! Wait a sec, nope. It isn’t. I’ll take the copying as a form of flattery.

    “You really must be one of those that are blinded by their hatred of Obama and can see nothing but fault in anything he does. ”

    I don’t have hatred toward the man. You really must stop assuming. Obviously you haven’t taken the time to understand the many things I’ve said. You appear to have read a few unflattering things about him then assume I must hate him. Just because I don’t feel someone is qualified for a position or that I feel he’ll do more harm than good it doesn’t mean that I hate him.

    “as those you complain about that critisize Bush blindly.”

    Many of those that complain about Bush are irrational or extremist/psychotic. If anything went wrong, it’s Bush’s fault. No matter how far removed it is. Logic/reason doesn’t apply. I worked with someone that was that way. Nice guy and all, but EVERYTHING was either Bush’s fault or a Republican’s fault. Democrats are perfect and do no wrong. He was working in absolutes which you should know is normally a bad idea. Bush Bashers need no proof. Just a belief. Kinda like some weird religion. The things that I’ve complained about are usually backed up with facts/data or opinion. Two completely different methods. Surely you must be intelligent enough to see the difference?

  4. frznagn says:

    Nope. But you frequently get caught in the spam filter. Funny how that works?

  5. frznagn says:

    I dunno.

    How did you like my Che’nge pic? I made it myself!

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