The Problem with ‘Free’ Services

Elderly Australians Use Ambulances Responding to 911 Calls as Taxi to Shops Across From Sydney Hospital

Paramedics responding to emergency calls in Sydney are being used as de facto taxi drivers to local shops.

Older residents are the main offenders — using their pensioner entitlements to secure a free ride in an ambulance instead of paying a taxi fare to go shopping, ambulance sources have confirmed.

An ambulance ride to Mt Druitt Hospital costs $290, but the fee is waived for pensioners and other entitlement card holders.

Paramedics have watched in horror as patients miraculously recover from headaches and other feigned ailments to go shopping across the road.

“You get them to the emergency department and they walk out the door. They are the same patients, you know who is going to do it,” a source said.

“Once the ambulance (crew) has cleared paperwork, they leave and see the person crossing the road and going to the shopping center. An ambulance is an instant free taxi with a pension (entitlement) card.”

It’s funny how people abuse things that are free to them. It doesn’t matter how much it costs someone else. Nope. Not one bit. It’s all about me baby!

I was at the emergency room yesterday and one of the workers mentioned that it was quite popular for people to get drunk and claim they are suicidal. They come in and get examined and get waited on for a couple of days. Food, meds, the works. All on the taxpayers dime. Don’t you just love working to pay for these freeloaders!

This is why I’m against so much ‘free’ stuff. Let the ‘rich’ pay for it, right? That’s how it starts, but when the costs soar due to abuse, then they lower the level of ‘rich’. Eventually, you’ll be considered ‘rich’. ‘Free’ now may be nice, but it’ll catch up and it won’t be so nice.


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