I’m Not Lovin’ It: Hearing Impaired Woman Sues McDonald’s Over Drive-Thru Refusal

A hearing-impaired woman filed a federal lawsuit against a local McDonald’s, saying workers refused to let her order food at the drive-thru window.

Karen Tumeh of Lincoln says they insisted she either order at the electronic speaker along the drive-thru lane or come inside to order.

At least three times since September 2007 workers at a Lincoln McDonald’s refused to let her place her order at the drive-thru window, Tumeh said.

“We have attempted to resolve this on many occasions and have unfortunately been unable to resolve this,” Mora James said. “So we were forced into litigation.

Other McDonald’s restaurants in Lincoln have accommodated Tumeh, Mora James said.

Sorry, but you’re not ‘forced’ into litigation. Take your business elsewhere. Before some moron tries to say I’m unsympathetic to the handicapped, forget it. I believe if someone discriminates against you, you should take your business elsewhere. It’d be a different story if it were the only McDonalds in town, or if it were some important service you couldn’t get elsewhere. Remember Arizona taking away MLK day? The state was boycotted and they brought it back. Money talks. Lawsuits may help bring ‘justice’, but amazingly enough, they also can bring you lots of cash. It’s hard to tell who’s suing for the right reasons, and who’s just greedy.

Boycott those that discriminate. Whether it be service related, or a hiring issue.

Christian Group Boycotts McDonald’s for Supporting Gay Chamber of Commerce

A Christian group that opposes same-sex marriage launched a boycott of McDonald’s because of the fast-food chain’s support for the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

American Family Association president Tim Wildmon says almost 200,000 people have signed an online pledge to boycott McDonald’s for promoting homosexuality instead of remaining neutral.

McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman says the company has made a financial contribution to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and a McDonald’s executive serves on the chamber’s board. He insists that doesn’t mean that McDonald’s supports “a particular lifestyle or same-sex marriage.”

Hmm. Donating money to a group doesn’t mean you support them? Uh, I just sent a check to McCain but I don’t support him. Riiiiiiiiight. What’s in them thar fries again?

*As a side note, we should be thankful they didn’t name the Big Mac after the other owner. His name was Dick. Yes, I’d like to have a Big Dick with Fries and a Coke…. šŸ˜›


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