Dogpile on those who served

I hear Bill Clinton has joined his fellow lefties to trash McCain’s service.

“Every living soul on this planet has some highly-justified anger. Everyone. If you know anybody who was a P.O.W. for any time, they can be going on for years and all of a sudden something will happen that will trigger all those bad memories.”

It’s dogpile on the POW day. Sad, eh?

Leonard Pitts, from the Miami Herald wrote a good column about War Heroes.

I make no case for sainthood for those or any other military personnel. I make no case that military service exempts you from criticism, however vigorous and sharp. No, the case I make is for simple respect.

Maybe I am hypersensitive, maybe just old-fashioned by the standards of an era that regards earnestness as a character flaw. Still, it strikes me as viscerally wrong, offensive at the mitochondrial level, to trivialize, demean or diminish, particularly for political gain, a man’s service and sacrifice on behalf of his country.

For those lefties that stoop so low as to trash one’s service, shame on you. Yes, mild words. But true. You have dishonored yourselves as well as your country. Those that say the left ‘supports the troops’ yet insult them only show the lies they speak. Politics before country.

There has to be a special place in Hell for those that insult veterans for personal and political gain.


3 Responses to Dogpile on those who served

  1. Jenn says:

    That is seriously fecked up.

  2. frznagn says:

    “What is it with Republicans that they operate in this vacuum where their previous actions have no consequences? ”

    This was written by Mr. Pitts, and I do believe he is a committed lefty. I don’t live in a vacuum, but you appear to live in a prism. Everything on the right looks funny to you.

    “could y’all have possibly forgotten about the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth”

    Nope, and show me where I support them. It’s funny how I mention things about the left to you, you say it’s the other guys doing it. Well, same here. I’m not doing it, so don’t complain to me. Complain to those that support the SBVFT. If you want to lump me with them, then you get lumped with the other lefties too.

    “in your collective indignation and hyperventilating outrage,”

    Only in your imagination. I expected comments like this from BC and it doesn’t surprise or outrage me. Disappointing, yes.

    “– y’all started this.”

    Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your ‘superior’ party IS DOING IT NOW! If ya’ll are that great and honest, you’d NEVER stoop this low.

    “All the Democrats are doing is holding Republicans to the same standard Republicans held them to. ”

    You seriously believe this? Wow. So if the Republicans were to not count absentee ballots, then the Dems would? That’s fair? Oh, wait, the Dems already did that FIRST. Never mind.

    “but your overblown whining about McCain suggests that”

    You really are the master of exaggeration. I’ve made, if I recall correctly, ONE post complaining about McCain. It was his ‘Bomb bomb bomb Iran’ comment. I see, I shouldn’t have complained about this. Even though my liberal friends complained about this too! Odd. I suppose I should always take the opposite stand they do? Ha ha ha. Only the left flock together like that!

    “Was McCain a ‘Fighter pilot’? No, it seems he was an ‘Attack pilot’, somewhat lower down the food chain,”

    Ahh, minimizing someone else’s accomplishments. I must remember to do this to people on your side. By your standards anyways.

    ” take some of that personal responsibility y’all demand of everyone else”

    I do.

    “be careful what you wish for.”

    Funny, I don’t recall wishing for anything here. I may have wished that you stop putting words in my mouth and you can see how productive that was.

  3. frznagn says:

    “Then hats off to Mr Pitts who has the good sense and taste to retain the high moral ground and not descend the level of the Republicans.”

    Talk about a plate of Hypocrisy Supreme being served piping hot. When you think I say those words, I’m evil, but when you find out someone else said them, then they are good. Make up your mind! The words stand for themselves regardless of who says them!!!

    “By that standard, half the GOP have got a date with satan coming right up. Oh, did I say half? I mean most. Alright, all.”

    I’d say very few at the most. When John Murtha condemns the troops before a fair trial, then he has acted wrongly and thus DESERVING of criticism. But in your mind, you can make exceptions and excuses for those in your party, but unwilling to apply the same rules to the other. I however, am much more fair in these regards.

    “when I say ‘you’ I don’t always mean you personally. ”

    I tend to take things literally, especially in writing. When someone speaks you can catch extra meaning. Writing, it’s much more difficult.

    “Well actually, it not that I don’t understand your arguments, such as they are – I do, I just don’t agree with them.”

    Well then, you’re much better than most lefties that I run across. They seem to catch key words and go into rant and blame mode. Most curious on why they can’t communicate well.

    “I see holes in them. I see holes…”

    Then climb up! Sorry, I don’t agree with these statements. I’m not the best at explaining in detail and some things I’d just rather not say too. So their may be gaps and that is intentional. I don’t put the whole world in one bucket. I treat issues separately, and even with an issue, there are exceptions and exclusions abound. I have a friend with six kids. Lots of generalizations will fit them, lots of exceptions too. Apparently you have a problem with that.

    “I’m asking because I don’t know.”

    I don’t recall specifically either. ‘facts’ were flying all over and you know how it goes, they are only as good as the source. I feel that there is truth on both sides, but how much? It’s a bit difficult to find information about the incident(s) that others haven’t. I believe I decided to stay out of the fray due to the lack of trust on both sides.

    “I definitely used the formal second person plural here,”

    My apologies then. I’m not an English major. It wasn’t one of my better subjects in grade school. Although, I did get A’s in my English classes in College. Math is my stronger suit. Hence my decision to go into accounting.

    “For a collectively liberal attitude, however, I will go into bat wetherr or not I personally hold those views,”

    So you’ll defend something you disagree with? So if you were against abortion, you’d defend it? Only if it is a liberal topic? And you say I have holes in my logic? I say defend what you believe in. Personal beliefs before party. But that is reverse for you? Of course, I’ll take a contrary position to play Devil’s Advocate once in a while.

    “Again, what did you do to counter the SBVT attack?”

    I’ll counter it when I know they’re wrong. To say they’re wrong when I don’t know is just foolish.

    “Who is BC? And why are you disappointed?”

    Bill Clinton. And as a President, I’d expect him to have more respect for veterans. Oh, and I think you asked me how it’s Bill’s fault that I became unemployed. After the first Gulf War, he did a RIF- Reduction in Forces. He made it where I had to leave the military. Long story, boring, don’t ask.

    “Oh, I love this one. This, then, is an admission that the Swift Boat attacks were just that, a low, despicable, detestable act of complete moral bankrupts and cowards who would do absolutely anything to seize power, no matter what the cost, no? Well?”

    Nope. If YOU perceive us as acting with low morals and you choose to imitate them, then you have a problem. Whether or not the SBVFT were correct, you still got down in the mud with them. You can’t say you’re better when your muddy. Same, maybe- but not better!

    “Y’all legitimized this tactic.”

    Doing something doesn’t make it legitimate. If I threw a bowling ball through your window and no one has ever done this before, does it mean it’s legitimate? I won’t be acting immoral? Nice try Buckwheat.

    I don’t do conundrum’s. Ask Marilyn. (Yes, Google it with ‘Parade’)

    “See? Everything on the left does look funny to you.”

    No, just some things. Like, being against capital punishment and for abortion. Both kill. The only real difference is one is guilty- the wrong one. Don’t even give me the “it’s not born so it doesn’t count” routine. We do surgeries on the unborn. A life is a life. I don’t care which side of the vagina it’s on. And neither do the doctors when they try to save one!

    “Never mind indeed. I’m not sure I understand this one. Care to try again? ”

    Florida. Elections. Al Gore. Ring a bell? I thought you were on top of things here. Al bent over backwards trying to count votes but didn’t want to count the absentee ballots- which typically lean to Republicans. If this isn’t blatantly obvious that he was trying the worst tactics to become President then you really are in a prism.

    “Uh oh! Wild generalization alert! Funny, isn’t it, that the left think the exact same thing about the right?”

    It was! And you’re right about the second part too! You get a gold star today!!

    “Can’t handle the truth? ”

    I can handle the truth, but it’s HOW it’s done that bothers me. There is a difference between saying ‘Obama was a Community Organizer’ versus ‘Obama didn’t take a high paying position and ended up being just a Community Organizer”. The latter one has more innuendo in it, although quite factual. I’m sure you’d prefer the first one to be used? Or do you just use the nicer one with those you like? What’s your standards? Shouldn’t they match?

    “You wished for a George W. Bush presidency. What more do I have to say?”

    Nope. I didn’t want his opponent in and George was the only other viable candidate. If there was a wish, it would’ve been for someone better! If you think I would wish for him then you aren’t paying attention. Oh wait, you’re using ‘wish’ in a different fashion, right? 😛 I thought it was the same wish that I knew 20 years ago!!

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