Everything in space is FAKE!!!

0 really? Why is that?

Because armchair experts like Kayinmaine know it all!

Will our government do everything in it’s power to convince our nation they’ve found ice on Mars to keep the money flowing into NASA? I think so. I’m sorry, but when I saw this picture yesterday flash on the news (even the two hosts on MSNBC started laughing when they saw it) I instantly felt we were being duped once again:

If the Anchorfolks at MSNBC laugh, then we can trust them! That’s right. You can get a degree in Journalism and be an expert on everything! Why do we even have scientists then? Heck, just get a bunch of journalists/anchorpeople together and see if they can get anything launched into space. Betcha they can’t!

This picture just seems a little too perfect for me, meaning, what are the chances the Mars rover dug up “ice” where it landed ? Slim. In fact, all the pictures from “Mars” can be easily created on our planet. With the technology we have at our dispense doctoring photos is as easy as making a sandwich!

Don’t trust those high-quality snapshots of Mars? Why should you? It’s much better to trust those grainy photos of the Loch-Ness Monster, or Bigfoot, or of those flying saucer thingy’s! It doesn’t matter that NASA has upgraded their equipment from the sixties. What should their slogan be? “If it’s good, it ain’t from NASA”?

Now that anything can be created/photoshopped right here on Earth, then we can’t believe any pictures? NASA landed the craft in the far North to increase the chances of finding ice. Surprised that they planned ahead? Yup, it’s better to trust someone totally disconnected from the space program than someone trained and knowledgeable on the subject.

Typical moonbat nuttery if you ask me. Perhaps she is one of those bitter folks that just can’t handle any sort of good news that comes out during Bush’s tenure?

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