Obama- Just exactly what are you voting for?

When you cast your vote for Obama, just exactly what are you casting it for?

Why do I ask?

When you look at the picture below, you see an Ohio county Judge, James Burge, with two posters behind him. One of Che Guevara and one of Obama. One offers hope and change, and the other was an Argentine Marxist Revolutionary. Just what exactly do they have in common? Yup, both are Marxist. Is Obama really what you want running our country? Does Obama really believe in the hope/change number or is it that he’s trying to trick you into believing it? Is he real, or is he really a wolf in sheep’s clothing? With the media giving him the kid gloves treatment it looks like we’ll find out the hard way.

James Burge

The funny thing is, lefties complain that the media didn’t do its job in asking tougher questions before we went into Iraq. Where are those tougher questions now? Looks like another lesson that we’ll have to repeat. Haven’t we suffered enough? You’ve been fooled once, do you want it to be twice?


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