Liberals in the Mist

I’ve heard about these creatures before, but I knew little about them. Every now and then they would come out of the wild and into civilized society. But only briefly. Just enough to leave their mark and disappear into the safety of the wilderness. Sure, a few stories about them could be found, but how much was true?

My curiosity got the best of me. I had to find out for myself.

I decided to travel to one of their hiding places. Yes, there was an element of danger but conservatives like me fear little. Where others cower at danger, we see it as a challenge to overcome.

I crept in slowly. Not because I feared them, but because they startle easily. Instantly, I noticed that they were very controlling. Their leader, whom I shall call Kaybama, was in complete control. Everyone obeyed her commands. Dissent or free thinking was not allowed. They weren’t very friendly, so I kept my distance. I was hoping that over time, I could get close enough. Close enough to talk to them, even yes- understand them. Something that, I’m not sure, has been done before. The excitement began building.

The days went by slowly. Trying to understand them became difficult. Was it my lack of skills? No. I have been well trained to handle difficult and demanding situations. As a veteran, we have experienced many things typical civilians have not. As I would find out much later, this training proved invaluable.

They seemed quite paradoxical. They would say one thing, but their actions would clearly be opposite. Was this a game? A cruel test for younglings? An ironic rite of passage even? Ever curious, I engaged them. The result I say, is best left for the hardiest of souls.

I had heard their leader, Kaybama, speak that ‘war should be banned’. Emotionally, I was impressed. This uncivilized group did not like war. Yes, I thought to myself, a peaceful group of natives. I could relax and not worry about being the next meal. But disappointed as well. Intellectually, how could they think by banning something, that it would work? Prohibition didn’t work. The ‘war’ on drugs has gone on for many years, perhaps it will even last for a hundred years. Kaybama also said something about it being ‘cowardly’ to strike an enemy when they cannot strike back. This did not surprise me. This usually happens when a group is inferior to another. Others that have advanced will intimidate them. The result being the weak will demand the strong to ‘dumb down’.

I felt it was time to educate their leader about the foolishness of banning something like war. This was a mistake. Was it because I dared to speak to their leader first? Should I have approached a servant and requested a meeting? Or was it because I failed to bring a sacrifice? I’m sure a freshly slain lamb would have filled their bellies and made them more amiable.

Their leader backed into the corner, afraid. Apparently, new thoughts and ideas scare them. The alpha male, whom I shall call ‘Clifhawk’, stepped in to protect their shocked leader. Clifhawk immediately communicated to me that he has advanced beyond the others, even bearing slabs of bark indicating achievement in schooling. I was relieved. I could finally communicate with someone that is ‘intelligent’. But my excitement dwindled as he spoke. Surely, he did have to perform some activity to earn this bark?

His belief was the best weapon in war is the one you don’t use. While this may be true in peace time to prevent a war, but what about during an actual war? It didn’t matter. Odd? Surely you wouldn’t leave your best weapon at home and take your second best weapon to fight? Another paradox. How could it be the best weapon if it is never used? I was about to ask him if he ever got sick, would he want the medicine man to give him the best medicine, or the second best? But I realized it was futile to ask for information.

Perhaps it was my communication skills? I did attend communication classes in the military and college and performed quite well. It would have to be them. Every time I asked a question, they changed the subject. Every point I made was taken out of context. Proof is ignored. And their viewpoints are extremely biased. Maybe it was some sort of a defense mechanism? If you are illogical, maybe it would drive others away from them? Or possibly, a perverse sense of ‘humor’. One where they laugh after the ‘victim’ leaves?

The one thing that surprised me is that they say they have strong support for all warriors, but this was another paradox. ‘Warriors’ from other places were celebrated, but yet when I state that I too was a warrior, I was shunned and insulted. How could this be? A closer study followed, and yes, an answer was found! Only warriors that had the same beliefs as theirs were honored. Anyone that did not denounce this entity called ‘Bushco’ was to be shunned or insulted.

What was this ‘Bushco’? An evil religion? An evil deity? A long lasting deodorant? Nope. Bushco was simply a leader from a distant tribe that stood up against tyrants and terrorists. He feared no one. Apparently, these primitive people fear strong leaders. They believe in talking strongly, but running when faced with an enemy.

Confounded and confused, I decided I had learned all I could from them. I bid them farewell and headed home. Thus ending my foray into the wild with these liberals, liberals in the mist.


9 Responses to Liberals in the Mist

  1. Gawfer says:

    Totally missed this post, but my previous comment fits rigt in.

    Gawfer Says:
    June 2, 2008 at 8:10 am

    I have come to the conclusion that being ‘Liberal’ means one does not have to follow any rules, whether governmental or ethical.

    One can behave as one chooses; the ultimate freedom of anarchy and insanity. In reality, it is only an excuse that they use to justify living without self control. It is the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s personified in aging adults that didn’t succumb to AIDs. They resemble grade school children who are unable to rationalize and solve word problems. they lash out verbally, and occasionally physically, they cannot stand up to criticism and constantly argue from emotional positions.

    They have never matured into adulthood.

  2. frznagn says:

    Yes. I had fun with this one! It kinda explains my feelings at Kay’s place.

  3. frznagn says:


  4. frznagn says:

    C’mon, tell me it wasn’t funny or creative. Change ‘liberal’ to ‘conservative’ and you’d be rolling in the isles!

  5. Tom says:

    It would seem that you got your feeling hurt over there, and had to vent here, good for you, it helps to vent.

  6. frznagn says:

    That would be a fair and reasonable conclusion Tom. But as you can see from their comments, they are, for lack of a better word, crazy.

    How can you be ‘proud of the troops’ and praise their service, yet insult and berate a disabled vet?

    They don’t walk the walk. Pure and simple.

  7. Tom says:

    I don’t know one vet over there seems quite angry at you for your comments about a few troops with out acknowledging that it was the leadership which created this problem then mismanaged it rather badly.

    Saying they are crazy is not the same as disproving what they say.

  8. Ok. I disapprove of what they say and I think they are insane. That cover it for you?

  9. frznagn says:

    “Saying they are crazy is not the same as disproving what they say.”

    Not really, but if you say someone is crazy or makes crazy statements then it is implied that you don’t agree with them. As for proving, it can be a time consuming task and some may argue what constitutes ‘proof’.

    Clifhawk may have a few good points but they’re drowned in the other bull that spews out of his mouth. For example- he compared military service between the parties. Fine, you ca do that. But when you put forth a list of Dem’s that have served and then a list of Rep’s that DIDN’T serve and say that proves your point that Dem’s serve more…. I don’t need to say it but I’m sure you noticed he wasn’t comparing apples with apples. I might let that slide for the HS grad, but someone who is supposed to have two master’s degrees should be held to a much higher standard.

    CC- You seem reasonable in your statements. But I’m really not looking for people to agree with me. Sure, it’s nice but I was just looking to make a few points in a humorous way. And it can be fun, or a learning experience talking with people that have a different viewpoint other than your own.

    I consider myself a reasonable person and I can get along with just about anyone. If you notice my links at the top, most of them are actually lefty sites (not including my kids)! I should take Sine’s site off since I don’t go there much, but it should show that I’m not some jackboot neocon. I doubt I’d be linking them if that were true.

    But the truth doesn’t seem to matter to some, and that would apply to people on both sides. I’m open minded enough to look at both sides of an issue and make up my own mind about it. For some odd reason, many lefties have a hard time believing that. I wonder if the closer you get to the extremes, the more closed your mind becomes?

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