Which group is more racist?

April 22, 2008

EXIT POLLS: Negative Campaign Tarnishes Clinton, Obama

The tough tone of the Pennsylvania Democratic campaign tarnished both candidates — more so Hillary Clinton, with 68 percent of voters saying she attacked Barack Obama unfairly.

Clinton beat Obama by 58-42 percent among voters who decided in the last few days, countering his equally large edge among those who picked their candidate between a week and a month ago.

Women accounted for 59 percent of voters, a record for Pennsylvania primaries…, and she won them by 57-43 percent; she won white women even more broadly, by 66-34 percent.

Obama countered with broad support in Philadelphia (62-38 percent over Clinton) and its suburbs (57-43 percent) and a 5-point better showing among white men, a swing group in these primaries, than he managed in Ohio, which Clinton won March 4.

But Obama still lost white men, by 12 points. (He narrowly won men overall, 52-48 percent.)

Obama also won 89 percent of African-Americans. But at 14 percent, their turnout was lower than the Pennsylvania primary record, 17 percent in 1988 and 1984.

34% of white women and 48% of white men voted for Obama. Yet only 11% of blacks voted for Clinton. Which group is looking at race more? If you can’t tell, then get some glasses.  It’s time to bury the old tired stereotype of whites are more racist than blacks. Get the shovel and start digging.

I do expect blacks to vote in larger numbers since they do have a ‘fairly decent’ black person to vote for. But looking at the huge differences it is clear race is more important than reason.

As a side note: Obama spent 4 to 1 over Clinton and 68% of the people in the exit polls said Clinton unfairly attacked Obama. And she still won!!! This is very telling. My guess is that the voters aren’t happy with Rev. Wright (aka: Rev. Blame Whitey), Tony Rezko (Wanna buy some cheap property), William Ayers (I wish I bombed more), and his wifes unexplained humongous pay raise after Obama votes to put money in her employers pocketbooks.