Where are the peaceniks now?

U.S. could intervene as Chavez prepares for war on Colombia

Venezuela threatened to declare war on neighbouring Colombia last night, raising the prospect of the U.S. being drawn into conflict in South America.

Venezuela’s Left-wing president Hugo Chavez ordered ten tank battalions to the Colombian border and put war-planes under emergency stand-by.

The tension follows Colombia’s decision to send its army to strike against anti-government guerrillas hiding in the jungles of Ecuador.

So, where are all those peaceniks complaining about Chavez beating the drums of war? Hello? Cindy? Where are you???

MIA  as usual. Lefties can start a war but no one else can?

But you know the other problem I have?  Country A (Columbia) attacks terrorists in country B (Ecuador) and country C (Venezuela) blames country D (USA).  What kind of messed up logic is that? Lefty Logic?


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