Anybody But Begich

February 28, 2008

I got this email from our Mayor today:

Dear Frznagn*,

After months of hearing from Alaskans across our state urging me to run for the United States Senate, I have decided to take a significant step in that direction. I have formed the Alaskans for Begich Exploratory Committee, which gives me the opportunity to talk with Alaskans within the provisions of federal election laws.

I need your help today.  Our Senate seat has been held for 40 years by 84-year-old Ted Stevens.  I respect his contributions to our state, but many are saying it’s time for a change.

Great. Now he’s sounding like Obama. Can’t come up with an original theme, eh?

I have not taken this action lightly. I am currently in my second and final term as mayor of Anchorage.  We have accomplished much for our community—19 consecutive years of economic growth, holding the line on taxes and a revitalization of Alaska’s largest city.  My wife, Deborah, and I love the state where I was born and where we’re raising our son, Jacob.


The coming years are critical for America as we face vital decisions affecting all of us—economic prosperity, health care, education and care for our veterans. Alaskans keep telling me that business as usual isn’t working and that we need a senator with new ideas, who is accessible to all and who has the energy and vision to help change Washington so it works for Alaskans.

I thought Washington worked for Americans. 

Over the next few months, I want to hear from as many Alaskans as possible about their concerns and the opportunities for moving our state forward. I plan to visit communities across our state, asking citizens about the most important challenges facing Alaska. I will make a final decision on whether to seek the Democratic nomination for the Senate well before the June 1st filing deadline.

Ok, you can hear from me- DON’T RUN! WE CAN’T AFFORD YOU!  

I am realistic about the task ahead. Senator Stevens already has amassed a $1 million war-chest and has proven his ability to raise millions of dollars from Washington special interests virtually overnight.  The Republican National Committee already is gearing up for a negative attack on my 16 years of public service.

War-chest? When a Democrat has a lot of money it means he’s doing good. When a Republican has a lot of money it becomes a ‘war-chest’? How do you figure that? I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t like these tactics in a campaign. Can we now say he ‘drew first blood’ by starting off with a negative campaign? 

Federal elections laws provide for this avenue to listen to constituents. Contributions to the exploratory effort are permitted from individuals up to $2,300 per election.  Since this committee is fully registered with the FEC, all contributions will be disclosed and individuals can give both for the primary and future general election — for a total of $4,600.  I appreciate any help you can give me today.  You can make a donation online today here.

I’m not running for office, but if you send me money I’ll really, really appreciate it too!

If you would like more information about our efforts please go to  You can contact me at or call 907-272-6275.  Thank you.


Mark Begich

He forgot to mention how crime and property taxes/values have skyrocketed up here too. 

*Name changed to protect the guilty