You’ve been bamboozled.

Hoodwinked. Yes, you have. Don’t shake your head ‘no’. You have. That is, if you flock to Obama like sheep. Or better yet, like he was the Pied Piper.

Ask yourself now, are you following a leader or just someone who is good at finding the right words to say from somebody else?

The New York Slimes (courtesy of The Great One) rags on McCain for some old news but you won’t see them hitting big O with something important or recent. Nope, he’ll get the kid gloves because he obviously can’t handle any challenging questions.

For example, look at what Hillary said about him:

Clinton: Obama Represents ‘Change You Can Xerox’

Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama of political plagiarism Thursday night and said he represented “change you can Xerox.”
Obama dismissed the charge out of hand, adding in a campaign debate, “What we shouldn’t be doing is tearing each other down, we should be lifting the country up.”

Mr. Smooth talker can’t even admit what she says is true or not? And he does nothing but deflect the attention back to Hillary. Are we going to have another ‘Teflon President’? Maybe. But we’ll definitely have one that cannot address an issue. Don’t talk about the bad things that I have done, noooooo. Let’s talk about the future and the hope it can bring.

You’ve been bamboozled.

You’ve been warned.

Oh, and before I forget- I found this video from The Absurd Report. At least I’m man enough to give credit where credit is due.


One Response to You’ve been bamboozled.

  1. DD2 says:

    Lets hope we don’t get a Xerox’ of Billies 8 years.

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